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I love finding unique products which is why I was super excited to come across Being Skincare, a handcrafted line of small batch, organic and vegan bath and body products based out of the Pacific Northwest.

BEING was created to remind people how important it is to take care of themselves because in this wild world of never ending responsibilities, it’s easy to put yourself last and to become disconnected from what matters the most. BEING is all about taking the time and space to treat yourself with love, all while being present in the relaxing moment.

Nutrient-rich ingredients, of the highest quality, have been thoughtfully selected for their curative properties, using a holistic approach designed to indulge the senses and responsibly care for the skin. This means that unlike other bath and body products full of harsh chemicals and fillers, every ingredient in each BEING product has a purpose. 

I had the privilege of trying some of these bath soaks out and I can honestly say they are amazing. I rarely take the time to indulge in rose petal, coconut milk baths, but after I did I sure was left wondering why I didn’t do it more often. The aromas of these soaks are exactly how you would imagine they’d be, fragrant yet calming, you really do just sink slowly into the warm fragrant water.

BEING has a variety of soaks available, it’s entirely up to you to pick your aroma. From Tea Tree and Oatmeal to Cocoa Butter and Roses, they really all do smell amazing and surely provide much-needed relaxation and skin hydration.

live by being bath products

Because I love all things rose, I used the Release Milk Bath last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Small rose petals lined the surface of my water and the rich coconut milk and creamy cocoa butter really softened my skin. Besides just looking pretty and leaving my skin soft, this soak offers much more than that!

The Rose and West Indian Sandalwood oil inspire the nervous system to let go, alleviating any built up tension while helping to heighten mood and sensuality. They also have various other soothing soaks, be sure to check them all out here.

To Use-

Once immersed in a hot bath, add the desired amount of product, inhaling deeply as oils vaporize. Disperse gently with fingers and allow your body to relax to best absorb the blend.

Coupon Code-

BEING has created an amazing 40% off code for all of my readers, just in time for Mother’s Day! This works on the Bath Ritual category only and you can check out all of the items here.

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  1. This is an awesome promo! Would love more! I just ordered the bath salts trio. I am super excited!

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