Léon & George Plant Delivery Review

Did you know that science has actually proven that having plants in your home can improve your mood? Besides just looking pretty, plants have some major benefits too!⁣ Because plants contain phytoncides and other airborne chemicals, they can actually reduce stress and create an overall more peaceful vibe which is why I am working hard to add more plants around our home.⁣⁣ The bad news for me is, I suck at keeping plants alive. I never water them right, I fry them in the sun, I re-pot them and kill them, the failures are endless…

Well, those days are over thanks to new brands like Léon & George. Founded with the idea that the world and homes could all use a little more plant therapy, they handpick plants that thrive even with a little neglect which makes being a plant parent easier than ever before.

How Does It Work?

So, how does it work? Simply head to their website here and shop around. They make it so easy to find the exact plant for you, categorizing them by size, purpose, and even a pet-safe section which you know I love. I personally wanted some larger plants but before ordering a ton, I wanted to test one out to start. They do all come with a 45-day guarantee and I think I am almost to month one with my first plant baby so I decided to order some more.

Because I knew I wanted large but pet-safe, I first went to the pet-safe section and from there chose my favorite large plant. To start, I chose the Cast Iron Plant! I loved how colorful the leaves were and it feathered out perfectly. I have had her for a few weeks now and she has been really easy to own. I give her a little light and a little water and so far so good!

After she did well, I went ahead and ordered another one just like her and then two additional medium-sized plants to place one under her and one in our bathroom for some plant life! This time I ordered the Bird’s Nest Fern and the Pothos which is NOT pet friendly but I plan to place it high in our bathroom. I also love that with these plants, you can choose your planter and stand color to ensure it matches your style perfectly. Another fun perk of this company is, each plant comes with a care card so you can give it the best care possible.

Last time I got white planters with black stands so this time I did a white planter with a tan stand. I love both! All are super durable and really well made. I also love the obvious fact that these are all pre-planted and even topped with decorative moss. Whenever I plant plants I end up with a huge mess and they always die so I clearly am doing something wrong.

Overall, it’s a pretty straight forward concept, they ship pretty plants right to your door and make it so easy and effortless. Besides the obvious, I also love the causes they support!

Causes They Support

Besides delivering a wide variety of stunning, pre-planted plants directly to your door, with every plant sold they then donate back to reforestation, reformation within the criminal justice system, and accurate journalism which are all great causes to support. They also donate imperfect plants to schools, hospitals, and shelters which I thought was an additional and awesome idea to bring plant joy to places that may be without it otherwise.

Pretty cool concept, I hope my review inspired you to add a few more plants into your life, whether from here or your local nursery, everything is simply better with plants around 🙂

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  1. Thanks for introducing us to this great plant service. I’m excited to try one.

  2. you have written so beautifully…great job

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