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As someone that is truly passionate about health and wellness, it’s devastating to think about how many people don’t have access to basic necessities like healthy food, clean water, health care, and safe personal care products. Additionally, it’s no secret that BIPOC communities disproportionately suffer from this lack of access which means we all need to step up and do better when and where we can. 

For the last six years of my life, Organic Bunny’s sole mission has been to offer support and resources on reducing our exposure to unnecessary toxins, yet there is still so much work to be done. Beyond what I do here, I wanted to share the many more organizations focusing on the same goals of providing health & wellness support and education to local BIPOC-Owned businesses and communities. I hope you will take some time to read through these amazing organizations and support them as they are doing some amazing work. I also hope to feature some of these organizations through guest blog posts in the near future, so that they can share their accomplishments and history. Have one I haven’t discovered yet? Be sure to comment below!


  • We Cause is a charity that helps stop hunger for children. They help support Black-Owned businesses and distribute nutrient-dense food to food banks and children all year round. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona and you can learn more on their website here


  • Black Women for Wellness provides education and resources for all aspects of health. They offer resources for mothers, prevention programs, education in regards to cooking, and community reform. They are located in Los Angeles, California and you can learn more on their website here.
  • San Diego Community Garden Network supports community gardening to enrich local neighborhoods by enhancing food security, promoting a sustainable environment, and fostering community based educational opportunities. They also have a map to find a community garden near you here.
  • CoFED is a QBPOC-led organization that helps provides food to their community. They offer resources and leadership training to young people of color, as well as organic produce to the locals. They are located in Santa Rosa, California and you can learn more about them on their website here.
  • Fruitvale Community Garden is a charity that helps provide sustainability and wellness to its locals. They provide organic produce, healing for the youth who face violence and supply them with skills for healthy living. They are located in Oakland, California and you can learn more about them on their website here.
  • West Oakland Farms is a farm that supports previously incarcerated individuals. They provide them with employment, business ownership, and community development. They are located in Oakland, California and you can learn more about them on their website here.
  • Farms to Grow is an organization that helps promote the sustainability and legacy of Black farmers. They help BIPOC farms receive assistance to expand, while also providing community cooking classes and gardens to schools and youth centers. They are located in Oakland, California and you can learn more about them on their website here.


  • Black Women’s Health Imperative is an organization that assists in implementing health policies targeting black women and girls. They structure programs, strategies, and outreach programs to better the health equality for black women. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia and you can learn more on their website here


  • Urban Growers Collective is a foundation that offers organic produce to those facing food scarcity. They help to provide jobs and education to teens and those that were previously incarcerated. They pride themselves on their incisively for racial, economic, gender, and LGBTQ+ communities. They are located in Chicago, Illinois and you can learn more about them on their website here.


  • Clean Water Campaign for Michigan represents an opportunity to help place clean water issues front and center by urging every candidate running for public office to make a strong stand on the following key issues affecting Michigan’s waters. Ensuring that the Flint Water Crisis is properly addressed and all Michiganders have access to clean and safe drinking water by fixing or replacing water pipes leaching lead in communities across Michigan. You can learn more about their cause here.
  • Community Foundation Greater Flint is focused on access to healthy, lead-free food while also focusing on racial healing within the Flint community. You can support their cause here.

New Jersey

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation assists in rebuilding the culture around health. They focus on bringing research and programs on all aspects of health such as substance abuse and providing quality health care. They help educate the community and leaders, implement health system changes, and ensures quality health services for families. They are located in Princeton, New Jersey and you can learn more on their website here

New York

  • ABFE focuses on helping Black communities. They are a philanthropic organization founded by Susan Batten. They partner with foundations, non-profits, and individuals that provide knowledge, training, networking, and leadership to the Black community.  They are based out of New York City, and you can learn more on their website here
  • Black Women’s Blueprint is a charity that provides the resources for a successful future for black women and girls. They provide healing opportunities, leadership training, and community engagement. They are located in Brooklyn, New York and you can learn more on their website here
  • Innocence Project helps exonerate wrongfully convicted felons. They reform the criminal justice system, prevent future injustices, and support exonerees rebuild their lives. They are based out of New York City and have local organizations throughout the US. You can learn more on their website here
  • Keep a Child Alive is a charity that offers help to children and young people. They created programs and financial help to different countries in Africa, and provide health rights and treatment. They are based out of New York City, and you can learn more on their website here

North Carolina

  • Mother’s Finest Urban Farms mission is to be one of the leading healing forces of Holistic Remedies, Farming, and Beekeeping in North Carolina. Servicing the community with authentic love and support for the healing and growth of her family, friends, and village. Learn more about her products and mission here.


  • Mudbone Grown is committed to building a more resilient, thriving, and entrepreneurial food industry in which cooperation and best practices are the standard. Through its culturally competent farming programs and small business development services, Mudbone Grown practices and teaches what it promotes, and as part of a motivated and dedicated collaborative, is working to establish a more just and equitable sustainable food system in the Portland Metro area through the incubation of small agricultural businesses for farmers of color. You can learn more about them here.


  • Black Urbn Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburg Co-Op is an organization where they work with the black community to grow food and share cultural traditions. They help teach the youth how to heal traumas through holistic approaches, provide produce and hot meals to the needy and educate the community on healthy food. They are located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and you can learn more on their website here
  • Rebuild the Hood is an operation that helps low-income communities. They invest in small Black-Owned businesses and real estate to help build the community to a better and safer environment. They offer education on topics such as real estate, home buying, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. They are based out of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and you can learn more on their website here
  • Sanofa Village Community Garden helps educate the community on food self-sufficiency. They facilitate education programs, leadership training, and community gardens for their locals. They are located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and you can learn more on their website here
  • Soil Generation is an organization that helps bring racial equality to the farming industry. They assist the BIPOC community to have a voice on community agriculture, provide community education, and help reach food and environmental justice. They are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and you can learn more on their website here

Washington D.C.

  • TransWomen of Color Collective is a charity that helps rebuild the narrative. They provide resources for healing and justice for the youth and young people that have faced trauma. They strive to expand social justice and policy proficiency for more equality for the BIPOC LBGTQ+ community. They are based out of Washington D.C. and you can learn more on their website here


  • Hair on Purpose is a charity that encourages young women to gain self-confidence through hair and beauty. They provide education, wellness workshops, and resources on how to feel confident inside and out. They host pop-ups all around the US, and you can learn more on their website here.

I also found an already amazing and extensive list of Black-Owned farms and food gardens here. Have a favorite organization that needs to be added? Shoot me a comment below!

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