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August 10, 2020

Get The Look With Isela!

As part of our ongoing commitment to being more inclusive here at Organic Bunny, we have resumed our diversity program that will feature clean beauty looks that our team picks out to complement each customer’s already natural beauty that we will then feature here! One perk of shopping at Organic Bunny is that our Esthetician will review your skin tone and provide not only a perfect match in the color cosmetics desired but she will also suggest the best products for your skin type and tone. This service is totally free as long as you are a new or returning customer. So now, the fun part! Let’s breakdown this gorgeous look Isela created with the products we picked out for her! 

Some background info on Isela here is that she is a 38-year-old Latina who is also 2 months postpartum. Some concerns she had were covering her melasma and finding matches for her medium tan skin tone. Because her hormones are still active with her recent pregnancy, we plan to help her address her melasma better once the hormones balance back out a bit more. One thing we also like to do is, to be honest about issues and while hormones are active, skincare can only do so much.

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Isela’s Makeup Details

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