Living Libations Perfume in Petal Lilac Lady 5ml


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Love the scent of fresh petals? Wrap yourself in a bouquet of lilac blooms with Living Libations Lilac Lady Petal Perfume. A full-bloom perfume steeped in the gossamer grace of lilac’s hypnotic spring aroma, which is lovely to lace upon your skin and hair. The Lady of this petal perfume is the lavish Lilac, a flower so delicate and elusive that its authentic fragrance has rarely been captured in natural perfume form.

Scent- Lilac is fused in perfect proportion with the luxuriant botanicals of Jasmine, Ylang, Chamomile, Lavender, Black-Currant, and Sandalwood.

To Use- Spritz on chest, neck, or pulse points. Perfect for after a shower or aftershave, as a confidence booster for a great day, or to freshen any room or space.

Size- 5ml

Tuberose Petals – Polianthes Tuberosa, Linden Blossoms – Tilia Vulgaris, Cape Chamomile Flowers – Eriocephalus Punctulatus, Neroli Blossoms – Citrus Aurantium, Ylang – Cananga Odorata, Elderflower – Sambucus Nigra, Blood Orange – Citrus Sinensis, Vanilla Bean – Vanilla Planifolia, Organic Biodynamic Alcohol


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