Rael Organic Cotton Tampons with Long Applicators in Regular


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Rael was created for women by women. They are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, developing innovative products, and offering easy access to healthy alternatives for women around the world. All Rael pads, tampons, and liners are made with OCS certified organic cotton covers and without harsh chemicals that can irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens. Natural, safe ingredients meet high-performance, because you deserve the best of both worlds. Making your heavy days feel light and your light days feel even lighter, our redesigned tampons are scientifically formulated with 100% certified organic cotton from tip to string, free of chlorine bleaching, and housed in a BPA-free plastic applicator for peak performance and comfort. Tampons are crafted with Leak Locker technology to provide up to 8 hours of leak-free confidence!

Details- Regular

Size- 16 count

100% Certified Organic Cotton (Core, Cover, Withdrawal Cord), Cotton (Sewing Thread), Water Repellent Wax (String), BPA-Free Plastic Applicator, Paper Wrapper


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