Creating An At-Home Sanctuary

For the last year, I have been obsessed with setting my home up like a retreat because well, getting to a spa or retreat right now is not all that possible! So, the next best thing is to create your very own sanctuary, a clean and quiet place you can escape to and take a few moments to unwind and relax. In this space, you can meditate, journal, read, give yourself Gua Sha, or just soak in a warm bath to let the stress of the day melt away. Whatever it is you choose to do, here are my favorite tips and tricks to set the perfect vibe for your cozy new space!

Healing Frequency Music- Did you know that the specific tones and frequencies in certain music can actually bring balance, peace, and healing into your life? This is a tip I learned from a therapist last year and it has been something I incorporate into my life, every single day, as the frequencies of certain kinds of music are said to strongly affect both the conscious and subconscious mind to encourage healing in various ways. The best part is, you can choose the frequency with the results you are seeking as there are all types to choose from. For those that want to learn more about this fascinating topic, you can research the “Solfeggio Frequencies”. I find different music and healing playlists on Spotify but you can also find them anywhere you get your music.

Some of my personal favorites are:

  • 396hz- For removing fears, guilt and worry.
  • 432hz- For deep calming and soothing.
  • 528hz- For unwinding, healing, and restoration.
  • 639hz- For love, understanding, and positivity, great for relationships.
  • 888hz- For abundance, wealth, and positivity.

Cleaning Up Your Space- For me to truly feel calm and relaxed, having a clean space is really helpful. Even if it’s just a quick tidy-up or vacuum, this helps me feel like my space is clean, clutter-free, and ready for relaxing. Nothing is more enjoyable than a fresh stack of clean towels, a floor free of dog hair, and a sink without clutter. Take 5-10 minutes to tidy up your at-home-spa zone so you can enjoy it fully! This is also something you could do on a Sunday or catch-up day. Fresh laundry, removing products you no longer use, donating items, etc… Another major cleaning tip is to, of course, only use these Organic Bunny approved cleaning products and then, when drying, pop in one of these wool dryer balls to create fresh, clean, and scented towels ready for use. To bring an amazing scent to your laundry, you simply apply any of these essential oils to the balls before drying.

Insider Tip- Splash a few drops of this Eucalyptus Blend onto your dryer balls or at the base of your shower for the most relaxing spa-like vibes.

Organic Bedding & Towels- Nothing makes me happier than a clean bed or fresh towels! I always opt for using Organic sheets and towels so if you are in need of some new ones, check out Pact! They are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard which delivers the promise of sustainable clothing through the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by using organic farming processes. Head to their website here to view all of their Organic bedding & towel options! My affiliate code ORGANICBUNNY will save you a little off your purchase too! For those wanting a more luxurious brand of Organic bedding, robes or towels, I also love Boll & Branch!

Adding Live Plants- I don’t know about you but plants bring me immense peace. I am not very good at keeping them alive so I set out to find some that would survive best in my home’s light and with minimal care. I found a website that lets you choose the type of plant you want for your space based on size, safe for pets, light type, etc… and then, it shows up fully planted and ready to be enjoyed. They have so many beautiful plants and the best part is, they offer a warranty on them so if they die within 45 days, they will replace your plant for free! Check out their amazing plant selection here.

Click the above image for my full Leon & George plant review!

Use Sage or Palo Santo- Once you have a super clean space, you will want to cleanse the energy as well, especially if you are having a hard time with something you really want to release and let go of. To learn all about sage and palo santo and when I reach for each, I have a whole blog on it here. I also have a collection of my very own, botanical sage pieces and palo santo kits. All pieces are ethically sourced which is the #1 factor in using these items. You always want to respect the cultures these practices came from and sadly, many sources of sage are harvested by stealing it off other’s land which defeats the entire purpose of its use. Always make sure you are buying ethically-sourced supplies, showing gratitude for the healing they bring into your life.

Diffusing Essential Oils- For those that really enjoy the healing benefits of essential oils or simply enjoy a space that smells good, you will love these ceramic diffusers by Campo! I take mine and depending on my needs or mood, use it to create the ultimate at-home-spa. This, paired with my HZ music and a bath, ahhhh so relaxing. These are also amazing for using throughout the home, I have a mini one I use in my office or for travel too as I cannot get enough of essential oil diffusing, it really calms me so very much. There are so many amazing blends, you can check them all out here.

Using Candles for Coziness- I don’t know about you but for me, candles are extremely calming and cozy, they instantly put my mind at ease and surround me with warmth and comfort. The problem is, most candles are full of junk that when burned, creates toxic air pollution as well as releases hormone-disrupting fragrances which is why choosing a truly clean candle is a must. I have a few favorite brands in various sizes, prices, and scents you can view here.

Organic Bunny Approved Bath Products- Now that you have a clean space and a cozy vibe, it’s time for a bath or therapeutic shower. I know not everyone has access to a bathtub so for those with only a shower, I highly suggest checking out these shower steamers as they can be placed at the bottom of your shower to transform it into your very own aromatherapy shower! For those that do have a bathtub, I cannot live without adding a little treat to my water, whatever it may be. From bath soaks and salts to bubbles or bombs, to find all of the Organic Bunny approved bath items, click here. Choose one and add it to your water to enhance your at-home spa experience.

Facial Products- Want to take care of your skin while you relax in a nice bath? Nothing beats a soothing soak paired with a clean and effective mask. To check out all of my favorite masks click here!

Bath & Shower Filters- As you know, our unfiltered tap water can contain a wide variety of harmful and skin-damaging contaminants like chlorine, mercury, pesticides, bacteria, selenium, sulfur, and more. These types of contaminants can be hazardous to your health and will also leave your skin and hair feeling dry and rough to the touch which is why I always filter my bath and shower water as who wants to be soaking up our toxic tap water? Our old house had an entire home system, however, for those who cannot budget that in, we love these bath and shower filter options for under $100! I love the bath ball especially as you literally just hang it over your bathtub for instant filtration, my full review on it can be found here. This is super ideal for you but kids even more with their delicate and sensitive skin.

Calming Teas- When I am feeling down, I really love to make myself a warm drink to sip on. I personally love the brand blume, especially their lavender blend made with coconut milk, blue spirulina, and lavender. This beautiful blend is formulated to soothe inflammation and settle restlessness so you can take a sip, turn your brain off, and just do nothing! For those that want a variety of super clean and Organic teas, check out Pique Tea where code ORGANICBUNNY saves you site-wide. For my favorite calming teas by Pique, click here.

Organic PJs & Sweats- Once you are done with your bath or shower, nothing beats slipping into some super soft, cozy Organic clothing. Another one of my favorite brands is MATE the Label. They have so many cute and comfy options to choose from, here are some faves! Check out their sleep options too!

Crystals for Manifesting- When I go through stressful times, crystals truly help me through them. Whether you believe in the magic of crystals or not, one thing is for certain and it’s that for those that choose to believe, the healing powers of crystals work. While many argue about the science behind crystals, to me, it’s beyond that. For me, using crystals is an effective way to connect positive intentions with a beautiful, natural stone that reminds me of my intentions all while doubling as beautiful decor. Using crystals takes a conscious effort to not only open your mind to their magic but also your heart. For those that believe, the results will blow you away! To read all about how to start using crystals, check out my blog on them here.

And there you have it, a complete list of all of my favorite tips and tricks to transform your home into your very own sanctuary. While you may not be able to get all of these items on this list, I sure hope that a few of them are helpful and that you are that much closer to creating a relaxing place you can escape to right there at home. Did I leave anything out!? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Love this blog and all the info! Glad I have someone trustworthy to do the work researching this stuff. That’s why I order from Organic Bunny whenever possible or use the links provided. 💖

    1. Yes me too! I am off all social media but make it a point to read Amanda’s blogs. I have spent over a thousand $$ with her and will continue to do so! I am so grateful I found her! She has changed my life, skin, health and well-being with her research! ❣️

      1. Awe thank you so much it really means a lot that you check in! <3

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