Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

One of the most asked questions… What do you use to clean your laundry? Kitchen? Bathroom! So, today I am going to do a blog on the best, non-toxic cleaning supplies! While I do still use and enjoy some of the other brands you have seen me suggest in the past, there were a few I did avoid so to finally have one brand I can suggest, fully, has been nice! Meet Branch Basics, my current favorite method for all things safe & effective cleaning.

Suppose you grab your current cleaning products and read the ingredients. In that case, chances are you will see things like Diethylene Glycol- an ingredient that can be fatal when swallowed, Fragrance- one of the worst offenders in today’s cleaners with links to allergic reactions, skin irritations, and potentially cancer, Sulfates- more links to eye, skin and respiratory irritations & more. You may not think what you clean with matters, but the truth is, these fragrances and toxins linger around more than you’d imagine.

Cleaning products are used on the floors your animals and children lay on, the clothing you and your family wear, the air you and your family breathe, the toilets you sit on, the counters you lean on, and the dishes you eat off of which is why I opt for a cleaner option to put my mind at ease.

What I like about Branch Basics-

As I mentioned above, this cleaner is the cleanest I have found on the market. Rating a 1 on EWG, Branch Basics is non-irritating, perfect for those sensitive to scents and allergens, and YES it truly works. When picking out a cleaning brand, you also want to be sure it rinses off which it also does well.

What’s nice about this brand is, it’s very simple to use the one concentrate for just about everything. It is amazing for removing grease, dirt, grime, stains, and build-up, all without using any fragrance, VOCs, alcohols, phthalates, parabens etc… For those starting out, I suggest getting one of their starter kits as it comes with all of the supplies needed to clean the entire house.

Products I use by Branch Basics-

  • Laundry Detergent- For laundry, this works amazing! My favorite to date.
  • Foaming Wash- This is great for handwashing and cleaning surfaces; we have one per washroom.
  • Bathroom Cleanser- Great for tile, grout, showers etc…
  • All-Purpose Cleanser- Great for surfaces, stains, grease, dog bowls, and dishes.
  • Streak-Free Cleanser- Perfect for washing windows, glass & mirrors.
  • Oxygen Boost- Amazing for whitening and brightening stains and odors. I love using this on our floor grout and pet beds, it gets them squeaky clean and brand new.

How It Works-

Curious how the concentrate works? Head here to learn how! Also curious about how you can use these products to clean your pet’s bowls and bedding? Head here for a great how-to blog or to their actual blog for a ton more tips and tricks!

Before & After-

One of my favorite ways to use this is to clean my dirty dog floors, the Oxygen Boost truly gets my grout brand new, crystal clean! Here is a photo of the areas I cleaned, next to the dirty, darker areas. This was effortless and took just a few minutes to accomplish.

Coupon Code-

Overall this is a super easy and safe way to clean your home I am positive you will all love! Try it out now with code ORGANICBUNNY to save a little $$ at checkout! SHOP

4 thoughts on “Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

  1. What do you use on your stainless steel appliances? Now that my son walks he likes to like the handles on the oven 🤦‍♀️

    1. I’ve used the streak-free solution and it works well! With 3 kids under 5 and a dog, the hand/paw prints come back pretty quickly though 🙂

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  3. What would you recommend for dust mites?

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