Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Maskers

One of the most common emails we are currently getting here at Organic Bunny is in regards to how to keep your skin as healthy as possible right while everyone is buried under hot and heavy face masks. Hello, bacteria, trapped pollution, germs, clogged pores, rashes, skin irritations, acne & more! To ensure you only get the very best information, I left this one to the expert, Alexandra our in-house green beauty esthetician. Curious about her top 5 skin-saving tips to get you through these times blemish-free? Check ’em out!

  1. Wear no makeup at all. This sounds hard, however, if your face is going to be covered, you may as well skip wearing makeup the area your mask sits anyway. The more layers of skincare and makeup you apply and then trap under a mask, the more risk you are at for bacteria, blemishes, etc. If you must wear makeup, opt for a lighter foundation, BB Cream, or concealer instead, stopping where your face mask will then sit. If you need help choosing a more lightweight option, shoot us an email! [email protected]
  2. Only Wear Disposable or Washable Masks- This one is a bummer because these masks are producing a TON of waste, however, wearing the same heavy mask day after day also is spreading bacteria which is harmful not only for your health but, of course, your skin too. Also to consider, the thicker your mask, the more it rubs creating irritations and redness. The lighter the mask the better. If you are someone that is consistent with washing your mask daily, washable masks are great but for those not washing your mask daily, you must use a disposable option.
  3. Wipe Down With Lumion- Once you are able to remove your mask, on your break for example, immediately wipe your skin down with our favorite bacteria and virus-killing HOCL spray by Lumion. Take one of our washable cotton pads and spritz it down with your Lumion spray to remove all bacteria. If you cannot do a full wipe down, simply spritz the mist all over your face as it is still effective at killing bacteria this way. This is my #1 choice for the product everyone needs during this time.
  4. Do Not Touch Your Face- Our hands are filthy, not just right now but always so avoid touching your face as often as possible. I keep my Lumion hand cleanser on me at all times if I cannot access soap and water. Always opt for basic soap and water to cleanse your hands, however, the Lumion hand cleanser is great for on-the-go cleansing. We also carry a ton of cleaner hand sanitizers you can check out also here.
  5. Remove Your Mask ASAP- As soon as you are in an area you can remove your mask, take it off. I see so many people wearing it longer than they need to while driving to save time, however, the longer you wear the mask unnecessarily, the more risks you are subjecting your health and skin to. Once your mask is off for the day you will want to keep your skincare routine pretty simple to avoid further irritating an already irritated area. We saw some blogs suggesting heavy moisturizers like petroleum jelly which for us is a big no-no.

The above are our tips to keep skin irritations as minimal as possible but now, what to do if you already have them!? For those with congestion and/or “mask-ne,” Earth Harbor’s Glow Juice Mask naturally resurfaces, cools, and firms the skin making it the perfect choice for just about anyone right now. Made with red seaweed, fruit enzymes, white willow bark, and aloe leaf juice this is one of our favorite masks to create a more clear complexion, improve skin texture and tone, and to restore a more youthful glow all without irritating your skin.

This can be used 1-3 times a week as a mask OR as a spot treatment gel that quickly fights, fades, and prevents blemishes. Simply cleanse the skin thoroughly then apply a thin layer 1-3 times throughout the day for spot treating. Have more questions on this topic that we left out? Our customers can email us at any time for one on one help to ensure your skin stays as healthy as possible during these times. We sure hope these tips helped if so, leave us a comment below!

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