reusable cotton rounds

Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads

Looking for a more sustainable cotton round? If so, I am obsessed with these reusable Bamboo cotton facial pads by Ever Eco! With 10 to a pack and a handy wash bag, these are sooo soft and useful as they can be used again and again for so many uses! Curious what I use these for, continue reading below!⁣

Great For-

• Velour side for gentle cleansing sensitive skin⁣.
• Makeup removal pads⁣.
• Terrycloth side for gentle, daily exfoliation⁣.
• Can be used while cleansing⁣ for a deeper cleanse!
• Removing face masks⁣.
• Applying toners.

I personally love using these Bamboo Facial Pads when I cleanse my skin, it feels so soothing and really removes so much more than using my hands alone. I also love using them to remove stubborn eye makeup and face masks! Once I am done, I rinse it out and put them in the wash bag and wash them together once they are all dirty. Easy breezy and no more cotton pad trash! ⁣⁣Love sustainable options? Be sure to check out all of the Ever Eco items here!

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