Aleavia Body Cleanse in Orchid

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This body cleanse will gently remove dirt, toxins, and excess oil on your skin’s surface, while feeding your skin’s good bacteria and preserving your skin’s natural protectants. Aleavia’s brand new Orchid Body Cleanse is formulated using Orchid oil which has been used for centuries in Asia for its reparative and protective properties and on top of that, smells like a dream! Often considered the “perfect plant” for the skin, orchid oil is rich with minerals that exist naturally in the skin such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Smells Like- Fresh and floral orchids.

Best Uses-

  • As a full-body cleanser for silky soft skin
  • As a shampoo and facial cleanser
  • To stabilize pH and eliminate body odor
  • To help reduce fresh burns and scars
  • To help eliminate body eczema, keratosis, and psoriasis
  • Reduce sun spots

Volume- 16 oz.

Filtered Water, Cold Pressed Orchid Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea salt, Acadian Sea Kelp, Citric Acid, Plant Glycerin


16 reviews for Aleavia Body Cleanse in Orchid

  1. Jennifer A (verified owner)

    I have been using the Lavender body wash for some time but couldn’t say I loved the smell, but continued to use it because it was a good product. I am SO glad they made this scent. It smells just as great as you would hope.

  2. Chelsea (verified owner)

    This is hands down the BEST body wash ever created! Just finishing up my first bottle and I am obsessed with it. Balances you PH along with little Ingredients, it’s truly amazing!

  3. Rachel M (verified owner)

    I have the most sensitive skin and this shower gel is very soothing to my skin! I personally don’t like the smell at all(smells earthy and floral to me, reminds me of manuka oil) but I love how clean I feel after using it.

  4. LaNae P (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this body cleanse and scent! I am usually sensitive to floral scents but this smells amazing! I switched my sons over to using this from their previous body wash and it has been such a lifesaver! They both have very sensitive skin and when they have an eczema flare up this has been the only product I can use on them without having them scream because it burns. For me it has been so nice to use something that isn’t going to throw off my PH. This is a Holy Grail product for sure!

  5. Brittany Reynolds

    I have every scent of this body wash including the dog line and this is our absolute favorite. My skin can be sensitive during certain times of the year but this is the only body wash that my husband and I both can use and have zero complaints. I also love how clean it is and can pronounce all the ingredients.

  6. Taylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this clean body wash! It smells SO good and you can even use it to wash your makeup brushes! The bottle lasts a long time and you don’t need much to get clean!

  7. Lindsey (verified owner)

    WOW!! I can’t explain how incredible this smells! Almost a juicy, floral-y smell that is intoxicating. A quarter size amount on my wash cloth is enough to cleanse my whole body, it leaves my skin so clean and soft, and has totally cleared the occasional bacne and keratosis pilaris on my arms that I get. I totally recommend this body wash!!

  8. Daniela Neto (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this body wash
    Smells sooo good and love knowing it’s actually good for my skin! One bottle lasts a good amount of time. 100% recommend this

  9. Deanna (verified owner)

    I love everything about this product! The ingredients are clean it smells fabulous and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

  10. KJ (verified owner)

    Once you try Aleavia you will truly never go back to another “body wash” it not only smells amazing but I literally use it for everything. I wash my hair with Aleavia and it gets it so clean. I used to struggle with dandruff and ever since I’ve started using Aleavia I have not had any issues.

  11. Ann Budway (verified owner)

    I love this body cleanse. Doesn’t dry out your skin like other “clean/non-toxic” body washes. Actually leaves your skin so moisturized! My boyfriend actually loves this stuff too, but in Lavender. It also lasts for a good amount of time too!

  12. Merle (verified owner)

    Initially, the smell was not at all what I expected. It was so MUCH BETTER than I could have imagined. I feared it would be super floral and that’s not typically my jam. This has a fruity/flowery/tangy smell to it. Tangy is not generally a descriptor of anything I’d want to bathe in but, actually, it’s delicious. When my bottle runs out you better believe I’ll be doing whatever I can to get my hands on another one. I’m a huge fan of Osmia body bars and so when I want a really earthy shower I grab that, when I’m feeling in a more lux mood I grab this. Oh, and my skin feels amazing after using it too! So glad I jumped on getting the full size!

  13. Amy S. (verified owner)

    This soap is LIFE CHANGING. If you’re used to soaps that foam, this one will seem weird at first because you think you need foamy soaps to strip everything from your skin to feel clean. But this soap leaves you clean without stripping your skin. I have super sensitive skin and used to have permanent bumps on the backs of my upper arms. After using this soap, they have completely DISAPPEARED and have never returned. Even my boyfriend asked me why my skin suddenly got so soft. HAH! And this scent is the best one of them all IMHO. I bought this for my mom too and she is hooked for life too.

  14. Deanna (verified owner)

    I love this body wash. It’s very clean & it actually lathers and the nice scent lingers! That is a rarity with green beauty products.

  15. Samantha Deng

    This is 110% my favorite body wash! It’s smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so clean! This is also great for cleaning your make-up brushes and is now the only thing I trust to do so. Leaves them looking brand new!

  16. Bella Miezin

    I bought this body wash bc of how much Amanda raves about it and I totally agree with her! This body wash is amazing! I have always for as long as I can remember had Keratosis on the backs of my arms and I no longer have them anymore because of this body wash! Also helps keep away any razor bumps that I usually get on my thighs!

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