Woodroze Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of coral mirrored sunglasses in preparation for the warmer Summer months rapidly approaching? And what’s to love even more about these cute sunglasses is that they are also eco-friendly and recyclable to ensure we are not polluting the Earth in the process of our cuteness.

I recently came across this line of handcrafted, wood sunglasses by a company called Woodroze, and because I fell in love with so many of their unique designs, paired with their commitment to a happier planet, I just had to share them with you all today.

A few of my favorite things about Woodroze:

  • For every tree they cut down, three more are planted and left untouched.
  • A portion of every sale goes to reef restoration in the Florida Keys.
  • Their sunglass frames are made from Pine Trees.
  • The glasses are extremely light weight, comfortable and very durable.
  • They only use high-grade Italian optics and hinges on all styles.
  • They make cute styles for both men & women!
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