Organic Bunny Wedding Makeup

Finally, the post you have been waiting for, the Organic Bunny wedding glam break down! Let me start off by saying, my makeup situation was pretty hectic as the green beauty MUA that I use for work projects decided to cancel on me less than a month before my wedding. Even after we did trials and had my green makeup plan entirely set, she still canceled as she said she got booked for some world tour with a celebrity which was a bummer because I was left with minimal time to find a replacement! 

So, needless to say, I was in panic mode. I found another LA-based MUA to help me out, however, she had no prior experience with green beauty so I knew that I may have to compromise my green ways for the day, to ensure my makeup was flawless and held up well. As you know, green beauty products do take time to perfect so because my new MUA did not have time to explore the products, I did not want to take a risk on certain things that close to the wedding date, we literally did our trial 2 days before the wedding! So I did end up wearing a mix of conventional and green beauty but I wanted to do one blog with all of my must-have wedding prep items, many new ones are added as I find them too!

8 thoughts on “Organic Bunny Wedding Makeup

  1. You look beautiful! I think it’s fine to use conventional products sparingly every now and then. It’s when we use them every day year after year that our health suffers imo. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. It truly was FLAWLESS! And I had no idea about the hiccups leading up. Poor thing, the hurdles were endless!

  3. Amanda,
    Besides your passion for green beauty & animals, I love your pure honesty combined with wisdom & insight! So sorry for the hassle & stress with the MUA; it did not show on your beautiful face thst day.

    As always, this was an informative post and you looked incredibly stunning on your wedding day.

    Thank you for sharing your special day with me; it is greatly appreciated & was worth the wait!!!

  4. That is a bummer about your MUA issues! So happy you got your flawless (and GORGEOUS) look you were after with so little time to spare. In her book “White Hot Truth”, Danielle LaPorte talks about being authentic sometimes meaning we have to break our own rules. I don’t remember everything she said about it, but it really touched me. Thanks for being honest about breaking your own rules.

  5. Love it! Congrats again! ? Now, what about that gorgeous robe??? Deets please ??????

  6. So lovely! That lipstick is gorgeous.

    I’m from Canada but traveling to your area and would love to have my makeup done by your Artist. Are you able to share her name?

    Thanks so much!

  7. What conventional foundation did you use? I usually go organic but can’t find any “airbrush” coverage options other than Dior Airflash.

  8. Hi! Did you need to do any touch ups in between moments in your wedding? I saw your pictures when you first got married and you looked like absolute perfection!

    I’m asking because I’m getting married in July and am a huge cryer too! My sister (located in Montana) offered to do my make-up which is really kind, but I’m nervous it’ll come out looking too thick and not me. So am toying with the possibility of practicing my own glam since I’m in San Francisco and will be traveling to Montana only a week prior to my wedding. I want to feel good about how I look vs. trying to be kind and not hurt someone’s feelings. While my plan is to use my organic skincare/make-up etc. I’m confident that I’ll also need to do conventional on the mascara etc. as my Lily Lolo just won’t cut the first cry scene.

    Any tips would be appreciated cause while I love make-up, I keep it simple for everyday looks and am not practiced in the art of looking like a flawless bride. xo

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