by theorganicbunny on
February 28, 2021

Kyle’s Jack Henry Routine

Do you struggle to get the man in your life to use cleaner products? If so, grab him a few of these brand new ๐‰๐€๐‚๐Š ๐‡๐„๐๐‘๐˜ items to try, brand new and now available in my Organic Bunny shop!ย Kyle, like many men, really does best on a straight-forward, very basic routine so finding these items has really made it easy for him to stick to a clean yet effective skincare routine!
โฃNot only is the packaging super chic, appealing to both men and women, but also intentional as the amber glass protects the product from harmful UV rays that can damage the ingredients at a molecular level.โฃย The actual products themselves are also top quality, made from Organic and sustainably-souced ingredients from all over the World. From the Organic Lavender Oil they source from France to the Tea Tree oil they use from Australia to the Coconuts from the Philippines, they insist on using the finest clean ingredients the world has to offer which is a huge plus.ย Curious about some of Kyle’s faves, here is Kyle’s routine below!

Kyle’s Hair + Skin Routine-

Want to get your man a cleaner routine but not sure where to start still? Email our in-house green beauty Esthetician for custom help at no cost! For customers only:ย

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