Kyle’s Hair & Skin Routine

Do you struggle to get the man in your life to use cleaner products? If so, grab him a few of these brand new 𝐉𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐘 items to try, brand new and now available in my Organic Bunny shop! Kyle, like many men, really does best on a straightforward, very basic routine, so finding these items has really made it easy for him to stick to a clean yet effective skincare routine!
⁣Not only is the packaging super chic, appealing to both men and women, but also intentional, as the amber glass protects the product from harmful UV rays that can damage the ingredients at a molecular level.⁣ The actual products themselves are also top quality, made from Organic and sustainably-souced ingredients from all over the World. From the Organic Lavender Oil, they source from France to the Tea Tree oil they use from Australia to the Coconuts from the Philippines, they insist on using the finest clean ingredients the world has to offer which is a huge plus. Curious about some of Kyle’s faves, here is Kyle’s routine below!

Kyle’s Hair + Skin Routine-

  • Facial Cleanser- The Cleanse + is a cleanser that can be used head to toe on hair, the face, and the body. Just like Aleavia, this cleanser feeds healthy bacteria, allowing them to multiply faster and release enzymes that optimally balance skin pH. A balanced pH means brighter, firmer, more toned skin! This also comes in a refill pack to reduce waste next time you run out!
  • Face Toner- Perfect for soothing hydration after shaving or to use as needed for a refresh; Kyle loves this Face Toner! This contains the actual good ingredients you find in most aftershaves, minus the cheap and irritating fillers.
  • Face Cream- After toning, Kyle loves applying the new Jack Henry Super Face Cream. It’s a perfect consistency, not too light but not too oily for daytime. He loves it!
  • PM Moisture- To keep acne and oil away, Kyle cleanses again, tones, and then applies this Detox Oil at night! Sometimes he will do the above Face Cream with a few drops of this in it or one or the other.
  • Hair Styling- For his hair, Kyle is really picky about what he uses as he does have thinner hair. To keep the ends a little weighed down and in place, he loves using a tiny bit of the Pomade and then finishes that off with just a few spritzes of their Refresh Spray. This adds a little volume and texture, and really, his hair looks so nice after this combo, as you can see in the main pic above.
  • Shampoo– This Cleanse + Shampoo is truly a game-changer for men. Not only is it super clean and effective, but it smells amazing! Precisely like a cologne but all natural!
  • Beard Oil- Kyle has a serious beard right now, so keeping it nourished is essential. He loves cleansing with the above cleanser to really get deep under his hair, something his bar soap didn’t do well and then finishes off with this Beard Oil!
  • Cologne- For some amazing cologne options, Kyle loves the Cedar SmudgeSol Dorado, Calm Mist, De Mer, and Eaglewood Ether!
  • Deodorant- Kyle’s all-time fave is the Rustic Maka Mystic River or Ocean Breeze blend. It smells amazing and truly works so well to control odor. For extra oomph, pair with the Rustic Charcoal Soap!
  • Body Wash- Like me, Kyle also is obsessed with his Aleavia body wash. This can be used head to toe, even as shampoo and it truly leaves his skin so balanced and clean. He works out hard so using a Prebiotic body wash has been a huge help to keep body acne away! His favorite scent is the Citrus Bliss.

Do you want to get your man a cleaner routine but are you still unsure where to start? Email our in-house green beauty Esthetician for custom help at no cost! For customers only:

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