How To Start Your Day Right!

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I just really need a little head to toe reset and lately, I have created a pretty solid routine that has become my go-to for exactly that so I wanted to share! Similar to how you feel after a shower, this routine kicks things up a notch and really leaves me feeling ready to take on the day. These tips can be applied daily or whenever you feel in need, perhaps before a special event or important meeting. As a reminder, all of these goodies can be found in my Organic Bunny store, with each item linked directly below for easy finding! I know you all have many choices on where to shop from so your support truly means the world to me, thank you!

  • Step 1 – CLEANSE & MASK. Before I shower, I like to prep my skin with a mask and then rinse it off fully in the shower. This is less messy and more effective in my experience. To prep my skin, I take an Organic washcloth and cleanser to remove any residue on my skin and to ensure my face is clean before masking.
  • Step 2- DETOX MASK. As you know by now, I love using the Honey & Nectar mask twice a week religiously. This keeps all of my pores cleared out, the dead skin removed and my skin baby soft. I find that my makeup will lay horrible unless I use this mask consistently! Use this twice a week and watch your skin say thank you.
  • Step 3- SHOWER. After I have let my mask sit for 20 minutes, I then shower. I first, rinse my mask of fully, using small circular motions in the running water to manually exfoliate off any leftover dead skin. After that, I use my cleanser with my Foreo device for a lymphatic draining final cleanse. This step is so critical as it really gets my blood circulating and face depuffed. Having those fluids flushed out leaves me feeling less puffy and more lightweight in the face which always is a plus!
  • Step 4- WASH YOUR HAIR. I am someone that does not wash my hair super often so it’s amazing how much better I feel when I do! If you are someone that has an itchy scalp, you may also want to try out this scalp scrub, it removes all the dead build-up from my scalp which also leaves me feeling like a million bucks. I also just got in a new shampoo that feels really good on my scalp as it is made specifically to stimulate circulation and to soothe dry skin or dandruff. First I scrub, then I shampoo and then I condition! This trio elevates my mood times ten! I let my conditioner sit on my ends while I begin the next step, shaving.
  • Step 5- SHAVE. Sadly, I am someone that has to shave daily so getting an irritation-free, super close shave is important to me. For a super close shave that leaves my legs feeling silky smooth I love the Agent Nateur Shave Oil! This can also double as a soothing, sensitive body cleanser!
  • Step 6- CLEANSE THE BOD. Once you have all of your shower tasks completed, I like to finish with a full cleanse with this body wash. Not only does it smell amazing but it also will work hard to rebalance your skin’s healthy bacteria. Most soaps are too harsh and dry out the skin but not this one! This also can serve as a shampoo too making it a must-have, feel-good item for all. After use, I feel clean and ready to tackle the day. I always finish with my Rustic Maka Deodorant!
  • Step 7- DETANGLE & BRUSH HAIR. Another pet peeve, tangly hair! After the shower, the first thing I do is put my hair up in a hair wrap to absorb moisture. Once it is no longer dripping wet, I begin brushing out my hair, carefully, with my favorite brush. These brushes are hand made and feel so amazing on the scalp which also will help stimulate scalp circulation. The hair wrap helps cut down on dry time and leaves my hair frizz-free and manageable which is another key to a happy day, great hair! During this step I also use an Organic q-tip to clean out any water or shampoo leftover in my ears, it’s amazing how this alone makes me happy, it feels so much lighter and relieving!
  • Step 8- TONE & MOISTURIZE. Once you are done with all of the above, your skin is baby soft and ready for the good stuff, skincare! My favorite duo right now that seems to work amazing is toning with the Sahara Rose Radiance Mist and then finishing with the Sahara Rose Regenerating Cream. This duo is incredible, your skin will feel so happy!!! Simply remove your eye masks, spritz to tone, and finish with a pea-sized amount of the creme. The creme is also amazing under makeup for those that love a more dewy, fresh finish. This is the step that I also apply ten layers of this lip balm as dry lips are so painful at times! Pop on a layer or two and watch that frown turn upside down 🙂

While there are a ton of other steps I find myself doing here and there, these are by far my MOST effective and top faves for really starting my day off on the right foot. When your body feels good, your mood is good and that leads to… the best days ever. I sure hope you liked this blog and if you do try out any of these, leave a comment to let me know what you think!



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