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Still shaving with conventional razors and shaving creams!? While it may not seem like an area you should clean up, the reality is that shaving is something that most of us do daily, so ensuring you have a non-toxic shave routine is critical! I don’t know about you, but for me, my legs and bikini area are sensitive as is, so for years, conventional products would just make things so much worse! So much stinging, burning, and irritation; thank goodness I have since figured out a safer, more comfortable, and calming way to shave; I sure hope these tips help!

Ingredients to Avoid-

Besides being loaded with hormone-disrupting fragrances and perfumes, most shaving creams also contain formaldehyde-releasing agents like DMDM Hydantoin which can cause things like eczema or allergic reactions. Formaldehyde is also a group 1 carcinogen, so avoiding ingredients that may release it is best. Another ingredient often found in shaving creams is BHT, a potential carcinogen linked to allergic reactions. Sulfates are also ingredients I like to avoid due to their ability to dry out my skin and cause irritations in an area that I am already prone to. Another irritating ingredient to avoid is anything with the letters PEG. Not only can PEGs cause itchiness and irritations, but they can also be contaminated with carcinogens. Below are even more ingredients hiding in conventional razors today.

  • Mineral Oil- Skin irritant, a possible carcinogen.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate- Skin irritant.
  • Polyethylene- Plastic.
  • Polybutene- Skin irritant.
  • PEGs- Skin irritant.
  • Fragrance/Parfum- hormone disruptor.
  • Propylene Glycol- Skin irritant.
  • Tetrasodium Etidronate- Penetration enhancer/irritant.
  • Red 33- Synthetic dye.

What To Shave With Instead-

Because shaving involves a razor that can cut our skin and lead to easier absorption and irritations, you want to opt for a more natural, gentle, and calming shave instead. My favorite way to shave is with my Aleavia Body Wash as it is super clean and super calming to ensure a clean and gentle shave each day. This product provides a light but silky lather, all while gently drawing out the dirt and toxins from your pores. For more lather, pair this with our favorite Organic Pouf! Besides creating a nice slip for my shave, it also has so many additional benefits for the skin, like stabilizing your skin’s pH level, calming body eczema, and moisturizing all in one. This is a product the whole family can use and love, too, as it can be used on everyone and for various uses, from body wash to shampoo!

I also really love using the Living Libations Zen Shave if you want a thicker, more creamy shave. This is super moisturizing as well which makes for a soothing shave.

Leaf Razors-

Most people do not even think twice about the razor they use each day, but did you know that even razors can also contain toxic ingredients? If you check your conventional razor packaging, you can often find ingredients like Petrolatum, Fragrance, PEGs, Sulfates, and BHT, which are all ingredients I want nowhere near my open, easily irritated skin. Then, add in the fact that most are made from plastic and are used for short periods, with billions ending up in our landfills each year.

So, what to use instead? I recently discovered Leaf Shave, and my life is forever changed, especially since these come with a lifetime warranty; how cool is that? Besides being the best, closest shave of your life, they are refillable, which means you can ditch cartridges for good. I have had mine for months now and just now need to add new blades in which are made from nothing but cold-forged steel.

I was initially skeptical about using this razor after having bad luck with other safety razors, but this one is totally different. First, you can always add fewer blades for a more gentle approach, and second, this razor actually bends and moves against your skin thanks to the spring-loaded razor head; this razor is simply the best and will save you a ton of money and trash in the long run since it lasts a LIFETIME 🙂

Wondering if men love this too? Kyle was the first to try it and loved it, so I gave it a go. This razor is one that both men and women will love and one that you can use head to toe.

Calming Razor Burn-

From essential hydration, brightening, smoothing, and roadblocking razor burns, I love the Momotaro Tonic Oil; it’s a must-have solution for intimate skin struggles, especially if you ladyscape (shave, wax, sugar, laser hair removal.) This special oil helps hydrate, calm, smooth, brighten, and minimize ingrown hairs! I also love their Hydrosol spray for post-shave! I like to spray this on an organic cotton round first and wipe down my bikini line to help with any ingrown or irritation. It feels slightly tingly, but this is normal due to its natural antiseptic properties! You can also use it post work out for a refresh if you don’t have time to shower!

And that’s it! My top tips and tricks for both an eco-friendly and non-toxic shave that work! Be sure to share these tips with anyone with sensitive skin so they can benefit from them too!

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