Campo Modern Aromatherapy Review

For those of you subscribe to my monthly lifestyle Organic Bunny Box, you may remember this CAMPO Modern Aromatherapy brand from a few months back as I featured their amazing All-Natural aromatherapy roll-on blends! If you are not familiar with their brand yet, it is one that I really enjoy as their oils are Organic when possible, always all natural and entirely free of fillers, mineral oil, PEGs, synthetics, parabens, petroleum, and sulfates. Including these travel aromatherapy rollers in a bunny box went so well, that I wanted to also share some other items with you all that CAMPO Modern Aromatherapy makes, especially while the ORGANICBUNNY code is still active over on their site!

For those that enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and want to get more into diffusing oils, CAMPO is a great place to start, I am loving my all white ceramic diffuser and the dreamy blends they make! CAMPO gifted me this super cute White Ceramic essential oil diffuser and after a few months of testing it out, I do think that it’s a really nice diffuser for those seeking a diffuser that operates entirely without heat! At first, I was not happy to learn that the inside of this was plastic as I expected it to be all ceramic, however, I learned that in order to have the electric component, it had to have a tight seal and that was their safest choice. I still prefer using all glass but because there is no heat used on this and the water does not sit for long periods of time, I am ok with using this in moderation.

How They Work-

I really love that this preserves the essential oil properties by using ultrasonic vibrations instead of heating or burning. Perfect for boardrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and kid-friendly rooms, simply fill the container with water to the water line and then add 3-10 drops of the essential oil blend of your choice to watch your space transform! I personally love the Relax and Focus blends, but it’s also fun to mix and match your own blends using their single oil blends as well. You can check out all of their Essential Oil options here.

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