How To Keep Natural Makeup From Smudging

When it comes to makeup, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to keep your natural makeup from smudging!? Because most natural makeup is oil-based, the biggest problem I find is that the oil from our skin is coming in contact with the oil-based makeup and it is causing it to smudge. So, that brings us to really only one solution which is doing our best to keep our skin’s natural oils far away from our beloved green beauty! While that seems like a simple goal, it can be quite complicated as there are many moving parts in play. Below you will find all of the tips and tricks I utilize to ensure my makeup stays put all day long!

How To Keep Natural Makeup From Smudging-

  • Skin Care- Investing in a good, oil-balancing skin care routine to ensure your skin is not overproducing oil is probably my most important tip! Many conventional products can actually strip the skin and send it into oil overproduction mode so it’s very important that everyone uses skin care products that work best for their specific skin type. If you are in need of a good routine, we can make Organic Bunny customers a new, oil balancing routine for no charge by simply emailing [email protected]. The Organic Bunny esthetician will review your needs and create a new routine just for you!
  • SPF- Because SPF is so heavy and dewy for the most part, this can cause makeup to move around more than we’d like. I only use SPF if I know I will be exposed to the sun for over 10 minutes each day, including driving! If you work in an office 9-5 and only go outside for quick periods of time, perhaps you can skip SPF or at least minimize the amount. If you are in the sun over 10 minutes, you will want to protect your face with SPF or a hat. If you want to use an SPF that does not smudge makeup, we love the Vooqo Day Cream!
  • Base Moisturizer– A huge mistake many make is using facial oils under their makeup as this can very much lead to makeup creasing, smudging, smearing and flat out just not sitting in place. Facial oils are awesome to use under makeup if you love that dewy look, but if you want a more matte look, you will want to opt for a water-based moisturizer underneath instead. You can also skip/reduce the use of lotion on your lids to minimize smearing. My personal fave for under makeup is the Sahara Rose Sumptuous Cream.
  • Primer- After the proper skin care is determined, using a mattifying primer under makeup is also a big help! We love the Zuii Organic Primer to help control oil.
  • Setting Powder- Before applying your eyeliner or mascara, I would strongly suggest then setting your lids with a setting powder to really keep oil at bay. I personally use my Saint Powder Foudation in Sand but I also love the Emani Bye Bye Shine and Lily Lolo in Flawless Silk.
  • Clean Lashes– You also want to make sure there is no oil left on your lashes before you apply makeup. Sometimes girls cleanse with oils and it leaves a residue on the lashes causing makeup to slip, flake and slide around. Make sure your lashes have no residue left over by cleansing them first thing in the morning with a cleanser like Aleavia’s Facial Cleanser.
  • Smudge-Proof Mascara– Our favorite smudge proof mascara is the Lily Lolo one. It holds up great, I even wore it on a plane ride to Paris with no smudging or flaking, even after a nap. Be sure to layer, allow it to dry, and then add another layer. I also have been loving the Tok Beauty Mascara a lot lately too as it is water-resistent!
  • Eyeliner– Now that we have the above controlled, I would give the Lily Lolo pencils a try. I will say, these can smudge a tad if your skin gets oily later in the day but for being so clean, they really do hold up amazing! The Zuzu Luxe liquid liners are also great and never smudge on me but it’s because I practice all of the above. All liners can be found here.

I hope these tips helped? And if there are any I left out, please leave them in a comment below! XO

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  1. So helpful!!!! I am loving your blog girl! 🙂

  2. Hey. What lipstick are you wearing on this photo? It looks amazing 🙂 <3
    Regards from Slovenia, xo.

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