What Is Slugging?

Let’s talk SLUGGING! I am too old to keep up with all of these new, emerging trends but many of you asked my opinion on this trend so I wanted to share what I found after consulting with Alex, our in-house, Organic Bunny holistic Esthetician!

What is slugging? Well, slugging is for those with dry skin and the purpose is to prevent transepidermal water loss and to then lock moisture into the skin by coating your face in Vaseline or any petrolatum-based product.

Here at OB, we prefer to avoid petroleum-based products as they are a byproduct of crude oil that was first discovered by oil rig workers. They saw that a clear, jelly-like substance was collecting on the machines and they began applying it to their own cuts finding it sealed and protecting them.

Years later, it became an actual product and now we see brands like Vaseline, Aquaphor, Neosporin, etc… which are all petroleum-based. The problem is, this is considered a low possible carcinogen due to being derived from crude oil. It can also cause irritations and redness and it’s not ideal for those with sensitive skin.

For example, Whole Foods will not allow this ingredient to be sold in their store.

One thing to also consider before trying this trend is that products like Vaseline act as a barrier to trap EVERYTHING in, not just moisture or water. Think bacteria and debris too! This can make acne-prone and oily skin much worse.

So, we will skip out on the slugging trend and instead suggest a simple, nourishing balm as the last step in your skincare routine if you have dry skin and are looking for an extra boost!

What We Love Instead!

These are the products we love, each linked here, each that can be used very last in your routine to lock in that hydration + moisture all while not creating an occlusive, barrier to trap debris in.

  1. Scentual Beauty Balm– This universal lightweight protective pressed serum soothes, repairs, deeply nourishes & enhance skin’s elasticity and firmness. Crafted with whole plant infusion of 16 active botanical ingredients including organic cold-pressed plant oils & extracts rich in antioxidants to protect skin from daily environmental stressors including pollution & UV damage.
  2. Earth Harbor Nymph Nectar– Formulated to be a deeply moisturizing, whipped plumping balm for all skin types. This coral cutie doubles as a luxurious sleeping mask and a superior rescue treatment — especially for dry, mature and sensitive skin. It also works great on dry hands and feet too! And did we mention…she smells like a walk through a tropical garden. Happiness in a jar.
  3. Kinfield SOS Rescue Mask– This multi-purpose superstar will be the only moisturizer you’ll need—with soothing ceramides and a nourishing oil blend to restore skin back to health, no matter where the day’s adventures have taken you. Try it as an overnight cream, a 10-minute mask, a spot treatment, or even a daily moisturizer when in an extra-dry climate.

Win, win, win! No crude oil, no trapping debris, and happy skin. Still not sure which skincare routine is best for you? Email our in-house Esthetician to get your very own, FREE custom consult today! [email protected]

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