How I Quit Coffee

I don’t know about you but this year, I needed to be done with coffee. Both Kyle and I have already high histamine levels so when adding in coffee each day, especially before eating, it was really sending us both into much higher anxiety and stress levels which we both promised to leave behind in 2021! So, in hopes of really keeping things as peaceful and calm as possible, we both decided, all caffeine had to go.

I was worried about this because, well, we both loved having a morning drink, Kyle especially. I knew that if we really were going to do this we needed a healthy yet tasty option so I set out and asked my community to make some suggestions. The hardest part was with high histamine, you cannot have ANYTHING. No carob, cacao, nuts, caffeine, mushrooms, etc… so I could not do 99.99% of the suggestions people were making, until, there was one!

Organic Dandy Blend!

At first, I was thinking, eh, Dandy Blend does not look appealing, Dandelion Root can’t possibly be tasty or similar enough to coffee but, I ordered some. I had to try! When it came, I had Kyle try it first because honestly, he is the bigger coffee snob. I was so nervous for him to try it until he took a giant sip and said WOW! I love it! And just like that, I knew we just might have found our winner.

So, what is Dandy Blend? Well, it is a super simple blend of just 4 ingredients: Roasted Barley Extracts, Roasted Rye Extracts, Roasted Chicory Root Extracts, and Roasted Dandelion Root Extracts, and of course, we got the 100% Organic option.

Besides just making the perfect swap for coffee, let me tell you, this blend has some serious health benefits too which feels good because, well, who doesn’t enjoy some health perks that still taste great right? As someone who is always inflamed and working to improve my natural immune system, let me tell you, this is one drink you will want to add to your daily routine for so many reasons!

Benefits Of Dandy Blend

Dandelion Root Extract- Helps drop water weight, promotes better digestion, high in antioxidants, fights against bacteria, soothes heartburn, detoxifies the liver, is anti-inflammatory, and there is even one study that shows it fights against cancerous cells.

Chicory Root Extract- Loaded with nearly every essential vitamin including Manganese to support healthy bones, Vitamin C for more immune support, Potassium to support kidney function, and Selenium to regulate the thyroid and immune system. Chicory Root was also found to be anti-inflammatory with cardiovascular health benefits too! Another stellar ingredient in Chicory is Inulin which is prebiotic that helps create better bacteria in the gut.

Roasted Barley Extract- Another great ingredient to fight against inflammation, UTIs, blocked digestion, and to increase detoxification processes.

How I Make A Latte-

For a coffee-like latte, you simply take 1 full tsp. of your Dandy Blend and add it to 8 ounces of whatever liquid you want to use. I like to use Organic Coconut Milk and water. I do about 1 cup of Coconut Milk with the rest water. You can adjust per your liking. From there, I just add in a splash of Organic Maple, Ceylon Cinnamon, and sometimes a little Organic Vanilla. You can really get creative and use the Dandy Blend the same way you take your coffee! I also like to keep mine in my blush tumbler as that keeps it warm for hours when sipping.

Supplies Off Amazon

To perfect my latte, there are some tools I can suggest off Amazon. I really love my SMEG kettle, no I have no idea if it’s safe or clean or not, I would assume it’s not hehe, but it’s super cute. I also really love this frother I got as it whips super fast and strong. If you are looking to cut back on your coffee, you really gotta try this out!

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