How to Clean up Your Beauty Routine

For me, one of the hardest parts of starting a new healthy habit is, well… just that- starting. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and you can feel that small changes don’t matter so why do them? Well, I am here to remind you that small changes DO matter and DO make a difference as every toxic item we can remove from our life is a win, right!? When it comes to clean beauty though, it’s hard to know which items will work for the majority of my customers.

Many products, like deodorant, are so personal to each person’s body so instead of suggesting items like that, I figured it would be best to do a top 5, must-start with items that I feel everyone will have success with and love! So, if you are looking to reduce the toxins in your home and in your personal care routine, here is where I would start, below!

Body Wash

My all-time favorite body wash that the entire family, even kids can use, is the Aleavia Body Cleanse. Not only do I love this for the obvious, body cleansing, but I also use this to shave with, clean my makeup brushes, and sometimes even use it as a shampoo! This body wash is amazing for those with eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, sun spots, dry skin, irritated skin + more. They make a variety of amazing scents and tons of other products like facial cleansers, perfect for acne-prone skin and teens especially! This is one brand you will want to check out as it really leaves your skin so much better than it was found.

Not sure this line is for you? Try the mini sizes here.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Because our scalp is so large, you really want to make sure you are using a clean shampoo + conditioner. My all-time favorite shampoo is the Warrior by Under Luna. This shampoo is amazing for overall scalp health, balanced oil production, dandruff-prone, oily scalp, dry scalp. This is all about bringing your hair back into balance! After I shampoo with this, I then condition from my ears down, never the scalp, with the Revive conditioner. This stuff is what dreams are made of as it leaves my hair so soft, moisturized + smelling like fresh Jasmine. Not sure which Under Luna is best for you? Check out my all things hair blog here. Also, do you need a shampoo the man in your life will love? You MUST get him this Jack Henry Shampoo, it’s Kyle’s top choice and smells beyond!

Not sure this line is for you? Try the mini sizes here.

Ditch Toxic Synthetic Scents-

One of the worst products you can invite into your home are those that contain hormone-disrupting, synthetic fragrances. Whether you are still using conventional perfume, cleaning products, laundry detergents, air fresheners, candles, or febreeze, a quick way to clean up your home significantly is by simply removing it all. Hormone-disrupting chemicals are invisible which leads many to believe there are no damages but did you know that they are harming our fertility at an alarming rate?

Environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Shanna Swan predicts sperm counts could reach zero by 2045 thanks to hormone-disrupting chemicals that are “everywhere.” Where would we be left without sperm? This is a huge reason to get your entire family on board with this lifestyle as it spares none. The chemicals behind this are literally hiding in everything in our homes and the problem is, once they enter your body, they do not break down and instead just build and accumulate over time. You may not have problems now but what will happen after years and years of this toxic buildup?

Dump it all as it is quite literally only causing harm to your family. For safer swaps you can head to my website where you will find all-natural essential oils, perfumes, candles, room sprays, body lotions + more. Hormone-disrupting chemicals are found in pretty much everything in the home so the more you can replace, one by one, the better.

Toothpastes + Oral Care-

Another really important product to swap out is anything that is entering your mouth because let’s face it, we do swallow tiny bits of these products, even lipsticks, and glosses! I carry a wide variety of toothpastes, flosses, mouth rinses, toothbrushes + more. If you want the most traditional toothpaste option that your family will still really enjoy and not notice too much of a difference, my top pick is Davids. The Peppermint + Charcoal is my all-time fave as it keeps my breath minty fresh and teeth white thanks to the charcoal.

Not sure this line is for you? They now make minis so you can give it a try for under $5!


Many of you heard already but if not, earlier this year, studies found that 78 popular sunscreen products were found to contain benzene, a known carcinogen. Studies show that benzene exposure increases our risk of cancer, especially blood cancer. Besides containing benzene, many brands also contain Oxybenzone which is damaging our ocean’s coral reefs as this chemical washes off into our oceans after we apply it. Oxybenzone is also an endocrine disruptor with research showing that it induced changes in the breast tissue when used by pregnant women. When choosing a sunscreen, always opt for a more natural, mineral-based product to keep contamination risks as low as you can.

You can check out all of my natural, approved SPF options here.

As you can see, we are quite literally drowning in toxins which can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Ditch what you can and slowly build up your collection as your budget allows. Hopefully, this blog sheds some light on the best areas to focus on to make it easier to know where to start! Have any questions or need help picking items out? Email us anytime!

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