Buckaroo Organic Laundry Products

Did you know that toxins even exist in our laundry detergent and dryer sheets!? Yes, chemicals really are everywhere and it’s time I dump these too! Before starting this blog, I really was oblivious to the dangers surrounding us each day in products like this. Like most people, I was taught to go to the store and pick out the best smelling laundry detergent without ever really questioning what was inside. Most laundry detergents make it extra hard to even see what’s in them because the truth is pretty bad. Once you do find the list of ingredients, you will find carcinogens, formaldehyde releasing agents, more carcinogens, chemicals that put you at risk for reproductive issues, allergic reactions, hormone disruptions, lung damage and more… all in our laundry soap. To check out a good chart on the chemicals in detergents to avoid, along with their risks, click here.

Now that you know how filthy conventional detergents are, I want to share an amazing, high-performance alternative instead, meet Buckaroo Organics! Like most products, I found these guys online and knew that I had to try their items out as soon as possible. Not only did they make an Organic Laundry Soap, they also made All-Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Bath Bombs, Odor Eliminators, Body Butters, and Baby Products! Super score! Naturally, I ordered a few of their goodies out and put them to the test, here’s a bit more about the items I tried!

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