Dr. Brite Organic Dental Care

My absolute favoriteee new mouthwash is this Cleansing Mouth Rinse by Dr. Brite! As you know, I love this brand for both human and pet dental care, as they really do make some of the very best Organic & Natural dental care products around! Made with Organic Coconut Oil, Activated White Charcoal, Vitamin-C, Aloe Vera & more, this rinse feels great while swooshing and really does leave my breath fresh, teeth clean, and gums soothed!

Dr. Brite is also a finalist in the Sustainable Business Council Awards in LA which is just another reason to support and love them. Want to try them out yourself? Shop Dr. Brite in my online store!

My faves? The mouthwash, teeth whitening pens and pet dental products, obsessed! <SHOP>

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