100% Pure Organic Lipstick in Aubergine

Secret’s out! In this month’s Holiday Organic Bunny Box you will find the beyond amazing, brand new 100% Pure semi-matte Organic Lipstick in the shade Aubergine! I wanted to choose a color that was perfect for not only the holidays but the entire Winter season as well. I love, love using this color to create a bold, statement lip, especially since it’s pigmented with only fruits like Blueberries, Grapes + Cherries! Seriously, no dyes at all!

The best part about these lipsticks is anyone can use them! They’re Natural making them perfect to share with teens as well! These retail for $29 each, leaving you all some seriously spoiled bunnies this month! Want to learn more about this item? Head on over to the Organic Bunny store now to view! {SHOP}


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100% Pure Must Haves

Have you been wanting to try out the 100% Pure line but holding out for a good SALE!? If so, now’s your chance to take 25% OFF your entire first order, this applies for new customers only! I have been a 100% Pure affiliate for over a year now, so I figured, why not share some of my favorite products with you all, to make it a bit easier to shop!

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Dermstore Summer Makeup Tutorial!

Summer is right around the corner which means that less is certainly more as these temperatures start to rise. In order to keep your skin happy, healthy and cool, I headed back to Dermstore Studios to share my tips and tricks for getting that dewy, flawless finish we all crave, just in time for Summer.

In this latest tutorial, I will be using my favorite non-toxic beauty products from 100% Pure, RMS, Vapour, and Jane, to show you how to create a flirty and fun, bold and refreshing look just in time for summer so check it out, and don’t forget to grab that 20% OFF coupon that pops up when you visit their site!

Want to see the full tutorial? Head right to their site here.

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