Naturigin Hair Color Review

Did you know that conventional hair dyes contain damaging chemicals like ammonia, parabens, SLS and other harsh ingredients that wreak total havoc on your overall health and hair? It’s pretty much common sense to know that hair dyes aren’t the best for your hair, however, girls around the world, myself included, continue to turn a blind eye when it comes to this process. I never really knew exactly how bad this process was, but after researching it bit more, I discovered a few things you never want to expose your hair to.

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Dye-

  • Ammonia– This is one of the worst offenders in the beauty industry.  Ammonia is added to hair color to force open the hair’s cuticle to deposit color, however, this can severely damage the cuticle creating dry, damaged hair. Ammonia is also highly toxic when inhaled, putting you and your stylist at risk.
  • Parabens– As we all know by now, parabens are the enemy. Found in just about every type of beauty product these days, hair dye is no exception. You never want to use products with parabens, as they are continuously being found in breast cancer tumors.
  • SLS– This stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and it can be found in the majority of all hair care products today. Many researchers do believe there is a link between SLS and cancer, on top of it being known to cause major skin irritations, hormone imbalances, corrosion of the skin and allergies. There are many products labeled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ that still contain sulfates so you do want to double check for these before you buy.

Because I am constantly torn between a green life and a glamorous one, I set out to find a solution to this problem, hoping to find a safer alternative that did not compromise my love for freshly colored locks. Luckily at the Expo West conference, I came across Naturigin, a permanent hair color line formulated with Organic and natural essential oils and safer ingredients, but that promised to deliver long-lasting, beautiful coverage. So, let’s explore Naturigin further!


How is Naturigin Safer?

Naturigin is formulated without:

  • Ammonia
  • Parabens
  • SLS
  • Resorcinol

How Do you Apply Naturigin?

I took the color I wanted to my stylist and had her apply it for me, leaving some of my past highlights out to give it a more balayage look, however, you can apply this color yourself at home with gloves.

naturigin hair dye review

Which Colors Did you Use?

I used 2 boxes of Naturigin 5.0 and about half a tube of the 3.0 color mixed together to form one big batch she then applied to my roots only. Because my hair had lighter areas, next she applied just 5.0 and a small bit of 3.0 to the ends since they saturate the color more. You always want to start with your roots when dying your hair yourself, as they are the healthiest and take the longest to absorb the color. So to recap:

I used two tubes of 5.0, mixed with half of one 3.0 tube for roots and about 3 inches down. On the ends, she used the rest of the 5.0 with a small amount of 3.0 to finish.

How Did the Color Turn Out?

Awesome! My stylist kept warning me that it could turn out terrible, but it surprised us both and came out awesome. I love the brown, it’s the perfect chocolate brown with a splash of red.

naturigin hair dye review

naturigin hair dye review

How Does it Fade?

I have had this color for about 2 weeks now and so far, I am happy with the hold-up! The last time I dyed my hair with conventional dye it washed out within 2 weeks and while this one has faded a bit, it’s held up much better than expected.

This product is still very much a dye, so it will hold up better than a plant-based natural dye. While it is amazing that they make plant-based dyes, the entire point of dye is to last, so you sort of have to pick and choose your battles here. If you want something 100% natural, this dye may not be for you, as it does still have chemicals in it, but because of those chemicals, the dye will last a decent length of time.

How Safe is Naturigin?

As I mentioned above, to ensure the product holds up there are some chemicals in this dye to keep the color long lasting. Without these chemicals, the dye would be a semi-permanent color and would not perform very well. To ensure their products are as safe as possible, while still performing well, Naturigin has formulated its products with the lowest amount of chemicals possible (0.075% ppd) and they are sold in north European pharmacies which required extensive testing to get there.

I would not suggest using this dye if you are pregnant or with a compromised immune system, as again, these still contain chemicals. I also do not plan on using this often, but if you are in need of a dye this would be one of the safest permanent dyes, if not the safest, on the market.

What Colors Does This Come in?

Naturigin comes in 19 different colors, covering a wide variety of shades- Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black & a few other beautiful shades in between. Check out all of the colors here.

Where Can you Buy it?

You can buy Naturigin at The Vitamin Shoppe for $16.99 here.

Overall, this is a great alternative to the conventional permanent dyes you may see at a drug store or your favorite hair salon and I am very happy with my results! If you live in the San Diego area and need a stylist to apply this, contact Angela at Salon Radiance II here.

34 thoughts on “Naturigin Hair Color Review

  1. I definitely will be buying this. I’m hoping that it works well for gray coverage. If I wasn’t so tired I would go run over there now and see if the carry it in the store near me. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

    1. I think it’s a bit tricky to find in stores so don’t go out of your way to hunt! Online may be best! xo

      1. I checked online. It’s not available in the store so I’m ordering. Thanks!

    2. Hi Peggy
      We got 100% grey hair coverage so don’t you worry. It may be difficult to find our colours in stores for now, but you could always order online at vitaminshoppe.

      1. Thanks for all the info you’ve provided on this site, it’s very much appreciated for those of us who are on the quest to find permanent color products with the “least” possible amount of synthetic pigments while still achieving good results. I am wondering where you were able to find the percentage of PPD in this product – I’ve checked both the Naturigin and Vitamin Shoppe and cannot find anything. I wanted to confirm the percentage of the p-phenylenediamine in the 8.1 (Light Ash)… Thanks for any help 🙂


      2. “Naturigin has formulated its products with the lowest amount of chemicals possible (0.075% ppd)”?
        True or false ?

    3. yes! it works on gray coverage! I’m very pleased! I will use this again and again! Love it!

    4. It covers grey very well. I used the 7.55 medium blonde deep red. I put it on my roots and grow out first, per instructions. The grey is now bright red and the rest of my hair is the mahogany color I wanted.

  2. So happy to see such good results! I’ve been hesitant, but I’d never considered taking it to my stylist for application before! Brilliant. Will definitely be trying! Thanks so much

  3. so it does have peroxide.. aw..

    1. Yes, I stated it still is a dye so if you are looking for something free of chemicals this would not be for you. Unfortunately, hair dye needs chemicals to make it actually work, I have yet to find an all natural, chemical free color system. If you ever find one please let me know thanks! (PS- I have not used dye since this, I very much limit the frequency).

      1. How about Henna? (NOT the black one that has metals, chemicals, etc)

    2. Does it have peroxide in it and is it permanent? It grows out?

  4. I tried the product at my hair salon yesterday. Unfortunately, it didn’t work quite well for my sensitive scalp. The scalp was itchy with red patches after returning home from the salon. I washed my hair this morning but the rash still exists. I’ll go back to Henna.

    1. Yeah like I said, it does still contain chemicals, as all permanent dyes do. Henna has a lot of risks also, there seems to be no perfect solution, yet 🙁

      1. What are the risks of using pure Henna (I am considering using it) ? Thanks

  5. hi Amanda, just found your blog, absolutely love it and you are so beautiful too! so glad i found it, i love natural organic products and reading about them! what dye do you recommend that is 100% natural, i know there is henna, is there any others? i have hair loss and a really sensitive scalp that gets inflammation and irritated really quickly. pleeeease reply.

  6. How about just straight up henna? Or indigo? Super natural and you can easily buy them certified-organic.

  7. Does it contain any heavy metals? This is my biggest concern about dying my hair.

  8. It’s on my head . Very little burning or itching that I’ve encounter before.. Anxious to see color

  9. Well update. Woke up this morning, my scalp is itching so bad, broke out. I’m so bummed.
    Good news it colored my little bit of grey. I love color. Now on to find something for my itchy scalp.

    1. aw yeah it’s still a dye! You do have to be careful, I have my stylist apply it usually to keep it off my scalp 🙁 So sorry, it should calm down in a day or two, give it a few washes with cool water!

  10. I tried using coconut oil and lavender oil to calm down itch. That helps. But now I have swollen glands in neck from my head having sores,. I’m so bummed out. Glad this product works for others.
    I just started with this allergic about a year ago.

    1. oh no! What are you allergic to? that is terrible!!!!

    2. Did you ever find out what you were allergic too in the hair dyes? I have the same reaction when dying my hair so I completely stopped dying my hair & I am trying to find a product that won’t irritate my scalp.

  11. Do people have allergic reactions to henna

  12. Hi Amanda! First off-big fan of your site! I’m on the search for hair color-I usually don’t dye my hair and stick to my natural color but I had a botched up balayage experience and covered it up with a color that is a bit too light so now I have roots. I love your color and I understand you left some of your ends out but I’m wondering why you chose the light chocolate and the dark expresso rather then just going with the color in the middle of those two? Is it because the light chocolate has red in it? I’m wondering if I can get away with using the middle color all over-I’m afraid it will be very blah and flat.

  13. HI there, thanks for your review! I used it in black today at home and love the color so fast. Have you ever used Naturtint from Whole Foods? I wonder what the difference is between the two as they both seem very similar.


    1. Hi,
      I used Naturetint for many years and then started to have a bad reaction to it. Redness and itching for days. I have changed to Biokap which has no fragrances in it. That seemed to be the difference between it and Naturetint. I wonder how this product does on that score? Biokap gives me a little redness but not much and it doesn’t last. The colours are a bit limited though.

  14. How often can you use naturigin? Most natural hair products are every 3 weeks.

    1. I only do about 2 times a year but I just let mine grow out a bit :/

  15. which medium brown shade has NO red tones at all? I am looking for a light to medium ASH brown but don’t see it?

  16. So actually I still do wonder it is not safe for pregnant women , those who are in compromised immune system or after chemo.

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