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March 25, 2015

joeSCRUB Organic Coffee Body Scrub

I love coffee, the smell, the taste, which is why I was super excited to try out this 100% natural coffee scrub by joeSCRUB. Made from organic coffee grinds, organic cacao, sea salt and various other skin soothing ingredients, this is one safe, delicious smelling scrub all coffee lovers must try out!

This scrub is awesome for a variety of things, you can use joeSCRUB for:

How to Use-

I used joeSCRUB in the bath this morning, simply wetting my skin and then applying the coffee grinds. This is a dry crumbly texture so you will want to make sure your skin is wet before applying. You can use this all over your face, neck, body, etc… just make sure you leave it on for 5-10 minutes so it really can get to work!


joesSCRUB is handmade in Toronto, Canada and has a total of nine, all-natural ingredients:

Where to Shop-

You can buy joeSCRUB directly from their site here and, what’s even cooler about this company is they have agreed to donate $2 from every sale to a charity of my choice.

Simply use code “organicbunny” at checkout to take $6 off your purchase, $2 of which go to The Skin Cancer Foundation. $10 organic body scrub with proceeds to charity? Awesome.

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  1. Urgent question-Hi Amanda, Do you know of a coffee scrub as green and effective as this that is just as affordable but that doesn’t have the atrocious Canada shipping of $24?! Thank you! Amanda B.

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