IMBIBE Epoch Organic Perfume

For the past few months, I have been trying to find an organic perfume that my boyfriend and I both enjoy, however, I kept coming up empty handed. While there are tons I loved, and still love, he was not a fan of them all until smelling this one by IMBIBE Skincare last night.

I must say that this perfume goes against all of my previous perfume preferences, as it is very masculine mixed with a feminine splash of rose. It really does smell like you were hugged by a man, all while still smelling like a fresh bunch of roses…. if that makes any sense? The sandalwood in this perfume is what gives it a masculine touch, so be sure you enjoy this type of scent before making the purchase!

This fragrance is made from organic almond oil which is awesome because almond oil is my favorite oil. The full ingredient list for this product is:

Organic Sweet Almond Oil mixed with 100% pure essentials oils of Egyptian Sandalwood, Desert Rose, Clove Bud & Cinnamon.

Many of you asked how long this perfume lasts and it really has held up the longest out of all those I have tried. I applied it last night around 8pm and woke up still smelling like it. I then showered and still can smell it on my wrist where it was applied so I would say the hold up is amazing on this fragrance! Overall, this is a great perfume to wear if these scents are some you know you currently love.

To celebrate finding a perfume my boyfriend and I both love, IMBIBE has created a 15% off coupon code, good on any fragrance of your choice! Simply enter code organicbunny at checkout <SHOP>

They also have a few other cool organic skin care items, be sure to scan the entire site here if you do head on over!

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