How to Naturally Treat Under Eye Circles

One of the most common questions I get asked is, what can I do about my dark under-eye circles and/or puffy bags!? While I wish there were one simple answer for this, unfortunately, under-eye issues can be quite complicated and vary significantly as there is not one single cause for them all. In an effort to perhaps help you troubleshoot what can be causing yours and how to possibly improve the conditions, I outlined some important info on all things under-eye below, alongside Alexandra, the Organic Bunny professional esthetician to ensure you’re always getting the best skin-saving tips! As always, this is a beauty blog based on the info I have gathered over time so always check with your doctor before starting a new routine.

What Causes Dark Circles?

  1. Hyperpigmentation- If your under-eye circles appear browner in color, they may be from an increase in pigmentation in your under-eye area. This can happen from various things like not using a daily SPF and having sun damage, using products that are causing swelling or irritations, hormones, genetics, dermatitis, or aging. I personally started using a skin-brightening Vitamin C powder, made specifically for lightening pigmentation, into my daily routine and I’ve noticed a major improvement in my under eye darkness ever since.
  2. Thin Skin– If your dark circles appear more blue or purple, it may simply be from the thinner eye skin showing your oxygenated blood more visibly. As we age, this problem can get worse as we tend to lose collagen, fat, and elasticity which makes the skin around your eyes thinner and dark circles more easily seen. The best way to prevent this is by using an eye cream routinely to protect this delicate area all while keeping the skin plump and collagen boosted. You can also use daily cooling eye masks to keep vessels calm and constricted. I swear by these 24K Gold Undereye Masks by Beautology Lab and keep some in the fridge at all times!
  3. Leaking Blood- Sometimes the blood vessels around our eyes can actually release blood which then leads to swelling, dark circles, and under-eye bags. This issue is a bit more serious and is best treated alongside a doctor as it may include lifestyle or nutritional changes. If you try all of these tips and are still having issues, perhaps a visit to your doctor is best.

What Causes Under-Eye Puffiness-

If you are someone who always wakes up with swollen or puffy under eyes, here are some things to consider! For those younger in age, bags can be caused by allergic reactions to environmental factors such as pollens or animals, immune illness, lack of sleep, fluids not draining properly, or reactions from using products your body does not agree with.

As we age, we are then faced with all of the above combined with a loss of collagen and elasticity which is what can sometimes lead to puffy and/or saggy skin. The older we get, the more collagen we lose which is why having a proactive, non-toxic eye care routine is key for trying to avoid this.

Ways to Treat + Prevent Under Eye Issues-

Once you determine what your under-eye darkness is coming from, there are a few options you can consider. Here are some simple things you can try each day in order to improve these issues!

  1. Eye Creams- Because the skin around your eye is so delicate and thin, using a clean eye cream each night and morning if your makeup permits, is key! I have several eye creams in the Organic Bunny store, all different price ranges and you really can not go wrong with any of them. My personal faves are the Annmarie Eye Cream and. the Agent Nateur! Professional Tip- Always be sure to gently tap on your eye cream with your ring finger as it is the most gentle and this allows for maximum penetration. For those with pigmentation issues, again I would suggest a product like the Agent Holi C Powder to help lighten spots over time.
  2. Filter Your Air- I am a huge believer in filtering the air in my bedroom to reduce any allergic reactions or irritants in the air while I sleep. I did a blog on my favorite air filter we use night and day here.
  3. Sunglasses- Using a daily SPF alongside sunglasses is the very best way to protect the thin eye skin. When choosing sunglasses, you want to make sure the UV absorption is 99-100% UV absorption and that the frame is large enough to cover the full area.
  4. SPF Protection- While some sun is healthy for us, it’s never ideal to get sun on the face as the skin is simply too delicate and thin here. When choosing an SPF, always make sure it is non-nano and free of irritants that can be causing further reactions. I carry several approved SPFs in the Organic Bunny store, some personal faves are the Suntegrity SPF Primer which guys will love too, and the Babo Tinted!
  5. Proper Cleansing- For those that sleep with your makeup on, this can cause further irritations to the eye area which is why it’s super important to never go to sleep with makeup or dirty skin! Every night, before bed, be sure to gently remove your makeup, again choosing a Makeup Remover made for sensitive skin to not cause further harm. Professional Tip- Always remove makeup from the outside corner in so you don’t drag or pull the delicate skin, causing a breakdown of collagen and elastin!
  6. Facial Massage- Anytime I notice my face or eyes are puffy, I always give myself a gentle facial massage while using one of my favorite wild-harvested oils. This really gets circulation flowing and the lymphatic system cleared out. Always use a natural facial oil and use gentle sweeping upwards motions to hopefully instantly reduce any facial bloat or puff.
  7. Water + Rest- As always, drinking enough water to keep toxins flushed and getting enough sleep each night can both be helpful tools for fighting back against under-eye issues. While this is not always possible, making an effort to get in at least 8 full glasses of water a day and at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day, hopefully, you will see improvements. I keep a glass bkr bottle by my side throughout the day to ensure I am always filling it up, stylishly of course.

Lots of tips I know but hopefully, a few of them will help you out! Be sure to leave me any feedback if they do and also, please leave a comment on any of your favorite tips and tricks as well! XO

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  1. Really insightful tips.
    My husband said he “tried everything to help his eye bags”! But alas, there were some tips he had never heard of before!! Thanks

  2. What are the green items you have under your eyes in the picture ?

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