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I don’t know where I have been living, but I am just now discovering Sugaring?! Sugaring is nothing new, as this has been how many removed unwanted hair, even the Egyptians way back when. Basically, in simple terms, Sugaring is a way to remove face and body hair, similar, but much safer than, waxing! By heating up just Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice & Water, a sticky, honey, putty-like paste is formed, that is then applied straight to the skin, wherever you’d like to remove the hair. This method of hair removal is much safer because it’s far less damaging to the skin, doesn’t involve super hot wax on your skin, still performs the exact same way waxing does and it’s so natural, you can literally eat it!

I have never waxed or done any serious hair removal before so, this was a whole new experience for me! I was super nervous, scared it would hurt and unsure what the results would be, however, I left pleasantly surprised and super happy with my super soft, hairless new skin! Because I try and only use Organic beauty products, finding an Organic Sugaring studio was really important to me! I found Cleo Sugaring in La Jolla which turns out to be the only place in San Diego that is truly entirely Organic, sign me up!

To break it down a bit more for you, here are some bullet points on how it works!

Why I loved Organic Sugaring at Cleo Sugaring-

  • San Diego’s only 100% Natural & Organic Sugaring studio.
  • Made with just 3 ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon & Water.
  • Hair can be removed after just 4-7 days of growth after shaving.
  • Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells which is huge for your skin’s health! Sugaring only removes dead skin cells to prevent any risk of tearing.
  • It exfoliates off every spec of dead skin, great prep for a spray tan too!
  • Sugar paste is lukewarm, not hot like wax, which prevents burning!
  • After sugaring, she also had tons of Organic products she applied after to keep the skin super calm and soothed.
  • After continued use, the hair follicle starts to deplete which leads to permanent removal.

What I Sugared & Did it Hurt?!

I decided to start out with my arms, armpits, lip, hands & feet. Ultimately, I want to do my legs and bikini area too, however, I had to start small because I am a wimp. Leslie, the CEO of Cleo Sugaring was super nice and did her best to keep my brain busy to not focus on the pain and while the armpits were pretty painful, the rest of my body was bareable pain. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, I would say my arms were a 6, armpits an 8.5 and the rest maybe a 5.5. I was never in pain enough to cry, but there were moments where I needed a breather. I think next time I will definitely grab a cocktail before hehe.

How Long Does it Last?

Sugaring lasts the same as waxing, it just depends on your hair re-growth, as no two people’s are alike. I will update this with how long it lasted when I know better.

Coupon Code-

Overall, I am obsessed with the results so far. My hair is very dark and coarse, so to have clean armpits with no black specs or irritations seriously is priceless. Everywhere she sugared is so baby soft and totally hairless. I asked Leslie from Cleo Sugaring if she wanted to share a special with you all and she generously offered 50% OFF your entire first visit, simply mention “organicbunny” when booking.

Location & Booking-

Cleo Sugaring is located in La Jolla, right across from Trilogy Sanctuary, my favorite Organic eatery! This works out perfect because now I can book with her and then pop on over for a healthy snack right after. To book an appointment with Leslie the info is below. For prices or more info, head to her website here.

Text for appointments: 310-663-0678 code organicbunny saves 50% OFF!

Located at: 7655 Girard Avenue #107 La Jolla, CA 92037


3 thoughts on “Best Organic Sugaring in San Diego

  1. Oh! I knew about sugaring, but I didn’t know that you could get it cone professionally! I’ve tried using Moom sugar myself and it’s kind of a hassle but I love the results (and the minimal ingredients)!

  2. I just found your blog & I love it!

    I am terrible at waxing. So bad in fact the carpet often winds up more waxed than me….I’ve been looking for somewhere which does sugar waxing, but I live in the Chicago suburbs. So if anyone knows of some place good here, I’d be grateful for the suggestion.

  3. Thanks for Sharing this!

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