Best Organic Facial Toners

I don’t know about you but I used to skip toners and think they were totally pointless. That was until I actually understood what they do, and now, I cannot live without them! Think toner is just water? Think again! If you can get your hands on a good toner, you will learn that they are fast penetrating formulas that give your skin a much-needed boost of hydration, plump & glow! Another good way to look at a toning mist is as a primer for the rest of your skincare. We all know to use a primer to ensure your makeup applies better and for skincare, it’s no different! Using a toner before your other skincare items sweeps impurities away all while prepping your skin for what’s next. Still not sure when to reach for a toner or what the best Organic facial toners are? Keep reading!

For Cleansing

Don’t like doing a full facial cleanse every morning? If that sounds like you, using a toner on a reusable cotton pad is the perfect way to start your day, and no, splashing water on your skin is not enough! While we sleep, we collect dust, pollution from indoor air, bacteria, dead skin cells, pet dander, and more on our skin. You always want to start the day by removing all of that, as well as your skincare from the night before. Using toner this way is a great way to quickly clear your skin of dirt, oil, and debris.

When I cleanse this way, I use a bamboo pad to remove debris and then, finish with a spritz or two of the toner for good measure! When using toner on a pad, my personal favorite is the Agent Nateur Holi Water as it is a more advanced formula with endless benefits.

For Hydrating

For me personally, making sure my skin is properly hydrated is the #1 reason I reach for a toner throughout the day. Many people do not realize this but to ensure your skin is absorbing hydration AND moisture, you must apply a water-based product BEFORE your lotions! That way, they work together to get your skin both hydration and moisture. After cleansing, I spritz my face with a toning mist, wait 30 seconds and then, apply my lotions. I notice a huge difference in my skin’s dryness if I skip toner!

For Soothing

All of the toners carried in the Organic Bunny store are extremely clean and soothing thanks to ingredients like hydrating Aloe, calming Lavender water, and nourishing Cucumber water. To truly calm your skin with a toner, you really want to ensure it is a non-toxic and high-quality choice. To view my top faves, click here.

For Refreshing

Does your skin ever feel dry or tight throughout the day? If so, I always reach for my toner. Depending on the weather or temperature of where we live, our skin sometimes is in need of an extra boost of hydration! You can spritz toning mists on your skin as needed, throughout the day! I also love adding one spray over my makeup to ensure it has a more flexible, hydrated finish. If your makeup ever looks too cakey or dry, give a toner a try! My favorite for over makeup right now is the Tidal Rose Mist.

For Preventing Breakouts

By keeping your skin free of excess dirt and debris, you guessed it… you keep acne away by hopefully beating acne or blackheads to the punch. Toners are especially amazing for acne-prone or oily skin for this reason alone! For those of you that have more acne-prone or oily skin, one of our favorite toners is the Aleavia Acne Facial Mist as it’s designed to soothe sensitive skin all while nourishing your skin at a cellular level to encourage healing.

How To Choose a Toner-

So you want to pick the perfect toner for you? Let us help! Below you will find a few of our faves and when we reach for each one. Still not sure how to choose? Shoot us an email and we are happy to have our in-house Esthetician pick the perfect toner for you- [email protected]

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