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February 28, 2020

Benefits of Dry Brushing

If you watched my stories recently, you will see that I am trying to get back into the habit of dry brushing my skin each morning before I start the day! I got a ton of questions on dry brushing so I wanted to put together a quick blog on the benefits of dry brushing as it can be confusing! It really is quite simple once you try it a time or two so here is a quick breakdown of dry brushing and why I love it so.

Benefits of Dry Brushing-

How to Dry Brush-

Many people asked me if they can dry brush at night and the answer is yes! Any time dry brushing is better than no time. Even if you just do it a few minutes per day, the benefits are there. My only tip is to dry brush before a shower or bath as you will be covered in dead skin cells after and want to rinse clean. Here is exactly how to begin!

  1. Take your brush and start at your feet, the goal is to brush up, up, up, up, and up!
  2. Brush in gentle, circular motions going up one leg and then starting on the next. Because dry brushes are hard and coarse, start with lighter strokes. Never brush so hard that it hurts. If it hurts, you are pressing too hard. Also, your first time will be a bit painful because your skin is not used to this. Be gentle and in a few days, your body will adjust to the new routine!
  3. Brush each area 8-10 times and then move up and on to the next section.
  4. Move up to arms, again starting at fingertips, moving up and up and up to shoulders.
  5. On your stomach, brush in circular, clockwise motions. The goal is to flush the toxins out of this area.
  6. NEVER dry brush on children or your face, the skin is far too delicate for this type of brush. If you want to do your face, you can try one made for the face here.
  7. After you are done and showered, apply a clean body oil to dripping wet skin and watch it slurp it up! You can do this routine daily or as often as you remember. Again, any brushing is better than none.

Favorite Dry Brush-

My favorite vegan dry brush is this Body Brush by Josh Rosebrook as it is hand-crafted from 100% FSC® certified Ash Wood from France and Tampico fibers from the Agave plant. Tampico fibers, unlike synthetic fibers, will not irritate the skin and are cruelty-free. Most dry brushes are made from animal hair which is also not ideal for the animal or those with allergies.

To care for this brush properly, never get it wet and store it with the bristles facing down when not in use. If the brush does get dry, allow it to air dry only. If you’d like to wash your brush, you can use warm water and this soap but be sure to not get the wood wet the best you can.

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