Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit

In need of travel-sized safer skincare products? If so, the Tata Harper Daily Essentials kit is always a fave whenever I go to pack my bags! With over 6 Tata products, this is perfect for anyone wanting to sample her line, or for those on the go like me. This kit comes with a cleanser, moisturizing mist, collagen treatment, moisturizer, overnight serum, eye cream and peel to give you everything you need for a gorgeous glow while on the go! The Tata line is 100% Natural so it’s a really great option for those that like more luxurious lines but that don’t put your health at risk!

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2 thoughts on “Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit

  1. Still need to try some products from this brand. What would you recommend to start with and what are your stand out products from this line?

    1. Love the resurfacing mask, I just did a huge blog on Tata a few back!

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