Project Juice Almond Milk + Get Up And Go Go

Did you know that most store bought almond milk, even Organic brands, still comes with gums and fillers like carrageenan that come with a handful of risks like inflammations, bloating, various cancers and more? Because I like to avoid those ingredients, I always make my milk at home but at times like this, where I have no kitchen or time to make it, I love buying the Project Juice Almond Mylk, simply because it contains nothing but Raw Almonds, Dates, Vanilla + Sea Salt. No low-quality fillers which means I never feel bloated or puffy after consuming it.

These also serve as the best coffee creamers ever for all of the coffee lovers out there, or, if you want a real coffee treat, you can always give their Get Up and Go Go a try as it’s pretty much their almond milk with Cold Brew Organic Coffee added to it! Besides being oh-so-delicious, these also are super convenient as they show up, right to your door thanks to FREE nationwide shipping! Yep, that means you can order any of the Project Juice items, online now, and have them dropped off at your doorstep in just a few days.

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  1. Hi Amanda, in addition to these have you found any safe almond milk at the store for when you’re in a pinch?

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