Prim Botanicals Spoil Yourself Silly Scrub

Kid you not, I used this magical Spoil Yourself Silly Body Scrub by Prim Botanicals, just ONCE, on a small eczema patch I had and it’s already smoothing over and looking much better! Because this contains hydrating Amazonian oils like Andiroba and Pracaxi, this scrub is perfect for anyone that also may have eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks or that just wants to tighten up the skin! Besides actually working on problematic areas, the smell, packaging and scrub texture have left me full on obsessed, as you can see it’s pretty much gone. No synthetic fragrances or preservatives are used here, just Organic Pink Grapefruit + Rose, aka heaven in a jar! ✨

If you’re a scrub lover, you definitely must try this one out! Code organicbunny saves you as always, and NO this is not an affiliate code, just a code I made for you to save some $$! Not all codes I post are affiliate codes which has been a hot topic lately. I would never ever, ever, ever promote a product I don’t genuinely love so, affiliate code or not, please know my goal is to be honest at all times as your repeated trust is far more valuable than the $3 I make on an affiliate sale!

To grab this scrub head here <SHOP>

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