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Now that almost three years have passed, I figured, what better time than now to talk about our wedding? Lol whoops. Honestly, I know many women grow up dreaming of their wedding day but for me, I never really thought about it until the time came and once the time came, all of the details stressed me out quite a bit. As much as it was a really special day, it definitely was a lot more work, even with a wedding planner, than Kyle and I was prepared for but, of course, we are super happy that we made it happen and I am excited to share some of our favorite vendors with you all today!

Wedding Planner-

I knew with how busy I am, I could not have a wedding without a wedding planner. I wanted someone that would still let me be creative but that would then take my visions and bring them to life. I can honestly say that Lindsey from Bliss Productions was exactly that! She worked with our budget and definitely found the items I really was dying for like blush pink couches and mirrored tables. Also, she made the day of the wedding a breeze, no stress was on us which is exactly how it should be. I can say that she was super responsive and reliable which is key for picking out a wedding planner as I have read some pretty crazy reviews of planners flaking day of or ordering horrible supplies etc!

Wedding Dress-

I knew that I wanted a very feminine dress with long sleeves, a tight fit, and romantic lace so when I saw this dress, I knew it was the one. I was so worried it would have been crazy expensive but it was actually pretty affordable which was nice. I found this dress at Mary Me Bridal in OC. The store alone is a bit hectic but they do have a good selection. The brand of dress I ended up getting was by Calla Blanche. I already did a makeup and hair blog those details are here.

Bridesmaids Rompers-

I searched and searched for bridesmaids dresses that weren’t too basic and came up short every time so I decided I wanted to really mix it up and put my besties in rompers instead of the traditional bridesmaids dress. I found these maroon jumpers on and honestly loved them. They fit in perfectly with our romantic theme and the lace complimented my look nice as well. They were also comfy for the girls and flattering on all body types which was nice! has a ton of unique options so it’s a great place to start your quest.

Kyle’s Tuxes-

Every suit place Kyle and I went to was sooooo uneventful and I really wanted him to feel handsome and special the same way I did so I set out looking for someone to make him a custom suit. A friend suggested Hall Madden so we set up a consult with him and knew he was the perfect guy for the job as he makes handmade, luxury suits from scratch. This was an extra touch I did not plan for but another detail that I was really happy with and would do again if I had to as Kyle was able to pick out everything he wanted from material and color down to the inside fabric and embroidery. Their suits turned out perfect and they are things they can all wear and use forever. I would highly suggest using Richard if you want to give your future hubby the perfect tux for the big day!

Dog Tuxes-

I pretty much only wanted to have a wedding so my dogs could be in it so, finding them custom dog tuxes was a must! I set out onto Etsy and lucked out finding a nice woman who was able to match their suits to our colors almost perfectly! All she needed was some basic measurements, color choices and they came in the mail a few weeks later. One was a hair big so we actually had to take the dogs to the tailor lol, they had custom fittings and some changes were made. Parker’s ended up being way too tight so he was poppin’ buttons on our big day hehe. They turned out so so cute tho.

Table Rentals-

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on rentals so I did a bit of my own hunting around and was happy to find a local furniture rental place called More Rentals that had the exact tables and chairs I wanted. They have a local warehouse I was able to visit and pick out the items I wanted to use and overall, were fairly priced. I would definitely use them again for an event!


I knew food had to be one of the best parts of our wedding which means Puesto had to cater it. Puesto was pretty much one of our first ever date night spots so it not only was special to us both but also some of the best food ever. We served various tacos, nachos, rolled tacos, margaritas, Mexican beers, chocolate tacos, guac, and of course, had our very own tequila bar! We chose to have an open bar because, well, it’s just more fun. For our cocktail hour, I wanted pink sangria made with champagne and floral ice cubes with these custom strawberry and pineapple drink stirs made by for a cute and festive touch! Drink stirs were by Jenn & Jules.

Rehearsal Dinner Pizza Station-

For our rehearsal dinner, the night before, we also wanted something casual that everyone would love so we found a mobile pizza station called Bottaro Fired Pizza that was honestly so much fun! Not only did they have Gluten Free options, but they also had delicious combos and everyone was obsessed with it! If you live anywhere in the area, this is a great option for food as they handle everything! All you can eat pizza, plates, menus, etc… it is set up like a pizza bar so they set them all out and everyone can just walk up and take what they want, all while they constantly replenish the pizza. Great price too, considering how many people it fed.


For photography, we used a local photographer named Tyler Chase! Tyler was super professional and took some great shots! For videography, we used Focused Bliss Productions and I was pretty happy with them as well. Both the photographer and videographer had some reasonable rates in comparison to others I found. I almost skipped a videographer but I am really glad I didn’t, it was probably my most favorite part! Find a videographer that tells stories the way you like, that is my best advice! I really liked how Focused Bliss told our story and would suggest them to anyone local in need of one!


We wanted to have a live acoustic guitar playing while I walked down the isle so I found an independent musician that was able to take any songs I wanted him to learn and play them the day of. He did a great job for our ceremony as well as cocktail hour! He brought all of his own gear and, again, I felt he was reasonably priced for the quality of talent he provided! After the cocktail hour, we changed to a live cover band for dinner and dancing and we were also happy with them! They came from a company called Night Owl, and all they do is learn popular songs to cover at weddings! They have several bands so make sure you listen to each and choose your fave!


My good friend Zeyda is a florist and owns The Little Fleur Co. so of course, we had to use her for our special day. I think Zeyda was my favorite vendor as she truly goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you want. I am someone super detail-obsessed and so is Zeyda which made working with her a breeze. I would send her a photo of inspo I liked and she would make it happen! She managed to wrap a 200-year-old Oak Tree with flowers, perfectly! She even did a trial run for me and had me involved in all of the flower shopping to make sure our big day was perfect. If you have any events that need florals, I would highly suggest using The Little Fleur Co. as she has a little bit of it all, vases, candles, table runners and, of course, flowers!


Because our venue was outdoors and full of trees, I knew I needed/wanted a magical light setup. The property was surrounded with pretty trees so I had Brilliant Event Lighting place pink spotlights on each one to light them up all around us, this was such a critical touch to set the overall mood! We also had a giant tree over the dance floor and they dangled tiny icicle lights throughout them all which made the prettiest waterfall-esque backdrop for the wedding party to sit in front of. Lighting is sometimes an overlooked step but so important! If you are in need of a good, reliable lighting company, we were super happy with them!

Marquee Lights-

Another fun detail I knew I wanted was those old fashioned marquee lights. I found a local company that specialized in them and it really was the cutest touch! We did BAR above the tequila bar and then MR & MRS B on the dance floor, it was so cute, especially for photos and the overall ambiance. We used My Marquee SD and had a great experience with them.

MirMir Photobooth-

Now, this one was a bonus splurge but, I must say, I am so glad we got it. These photobooths are the same ones the Kardashians use and it was honestly the most fun touch! Not only do the pics leave you looking flawless, but it’s also a really fun way for guests to take home their memories. We set up little frames on a table so guests could take endless photos and print their faves to keep and frame. I had looked into cheaper options but honestly, they were so cheap looking, I knew I would not have been happy so for me, this was a must-have feature. MirMir was super reliable and had staff on hand to manage and run the booth all night.

Dessert Bar-

Because we knew we didn’t want a fancy wedding cake, we had my favorite cupcake vendor Frost Me Gourmet made us custom cupcakes instead! I love them because they make designer cupcakes and really can make anything you desire! I had them make floral cupcakes matching our decor and they were so so cute, the perfect touch for our dessert station. We also had a s’mores bar for the kids with various fun toppings they could create. In addition, we had an Organic Ice Cream station featuring Organic ice cream and Puesto even made ice cream puffs fresh alongside choco tacos, in which I didn’t even get to see, let alone try but it looks like Tristan & Janny enjoyed them here lol.

Overall, it was such a great day, the only complaint is that it flew by waaaay too fast and now I am left wanting to plan another big fun party to see our friends again sometime soon. I am sure I forgot a few vendors but I will add them as I remember!

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  1. Lovely venue, where was it located? Asking for my friend’s daughter.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love all the special touches you added. Custom make tux, fur babies tuxes. The table decor was stunning, and your flowers impeccable. Of course your wedding dress was gorgeous.

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