NuLeaf Naturals CBG Review

In the 6+ or so years I have spent reviewing products, you will notice I have never once promoted a CBD product for humans because honestly, none impressed me, I never noticed anything worth reporting on, until I met this brand, NuLeaf NATURALS! However, you will quickly see that this product is NOT just CBD, it is something that was also new to me as well- meet CBG Oil. Keep reading, especially if you want a Nuleaf Naturals coupon code!

So, what is CBG?

Well, let’s discuss!

CBG is a very rare type of cannabinoid, considered the best of the best as it is derived from younger plants that contain higher amounts of CBG than adult plants. CBG is a whole-plant hemp extract that is highly concentrated in CBG and contains significant amounts of additional cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBN, and more. In more simple terms, this contains additional extracts of the hemp plant, beyond CBD, for a more effective outcome, without the intoxicating effects of cannabinoids like THC. Cannabinoids work synergistically with each other and are more effective when they are found together versus when they are isolated. This is known as the entourage effect.

Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive so they will not effect you like THC.

Kyle and I both were hesitant to try this out because none have been worth our money before, however, we quickly saw results night 1 with both of us sleeping the entire night. We had been tossing and turning a bit but no more, just 10 drops under our tongue before bed and we’re out until morning! Yes, this product is more expensive but it is because it is more rare and performs much better than CBD for most users.

To Use- We take the liquid form, 900mg of CBG, 10 drops under the tongue before bed.

Taste wise, it does not taste good but the benefits are worth it for us. To me, it tastes like pickles, pine needles and hemp lol. I hold the drops under my tongue and then swallow with a sip of water.

The products NuLeaf offers have several application methods. You can hold a sublingual dose under the tongue for 30-60 seconds (recommended for fastest absorption), apply the oil topically to your skin (can be applied directly to a problem area or mixed with your favorite moisturizer), or blend the oil in a health-conscious smoothie.

What Can CBG Be Used For-

While Kyle and I love using this before bed to sleep through the night, there are many other benefits reported after using this product and no, the product alone does not make you sleepy, many report using it for added focus and energy. If you visit their website, you can read through the reviews but here are some I noticed!

  • Restful sleep.
  • Back, neck pain, sore muscles or body aches.
  • Skin irritations.
  • Improved digestion + gut health.
  • Workout recovery.
  • Enhanced focus.
  • Fatigue.

Why NuLeaf Naturals?

When it comes to hemp products, also, you want to be extremely picky because how they are raised, harvested and produced, matters. The NuLeaf brand is made with Organic hemp, grown in the USA with pristine water, and harvested at peak perfection. They control the entire farming and production process from seed to shelf to guarantee their products are of the highest quality.

Once the products are ready for harvest, they then use advanced extraction methods to obtain a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytonutrients. This yields a more potent blend and requires no harsh solvents. This is key as many other brands use toxic solvents to extract their oils.

NuLeaf’s products are also independant lab tested for pesticides, molds, fungi, heavy metals + mycotoxins.

To view the exact product we use, click here.

To read their blog on drug testing, click here.

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  1. Great recommendation and review. thank you for sharing. I will definitely gonna give this a try! xo xo

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