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It’s not every day I come across 100% Natural lines that I truly enjoy, so when I do, I have to share! Meet Mettā Skincare, a range of All-Natural skincare products created for you and your skin with an environmental and social consciousness in mind! Becuase it’s super chilly out, and I have been playing around with a ton of new hydrating lotions, I am here today to share the two new Winter approved products I recently tried out from this line!

Mettā Hand Balm-

Have super dry or cracked hands? If so, this Certified Organic, East African Shea Butter & Calendula infused Olive Oil Hand Balm is most certainly for you. Designed to hydrate hands, nails, cuticles, heels, knees and elbows, this lotion feels so soothing on the dry areas of my skin, I just can’t get enough, especially with the light but calming Lavender scent.

To Use: This balm is super rich so just a tiny bit goes a long way, apply as needed, to dry areas of your skin.

Mettā Body Butter- 

For those looking to hydrate and firm the rest of the body, this subtly fragrant yet easily absorbed Body Butter melts on contact to a serum-like potion that deeply nourishes the skin. Made with Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender, Shea Butter and more, this creamy body butter is the real deal and won’t leave you needing anything more this Winter!

The Shea Butter helps soothe any dryness or irritations while the cold-pressed Grapeseed Oil ensures the skin is left tightened and toned with a smooth satin finish.

To Use: This works best on skin fresh out of the shower while the skin is still slightly damp. Apply a small amount where needed.

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  1. Insightful post. I believe pure african black soap is king when talking about organic skin care products.
    No synthetic products added made from ash and leaves of various trees. For more information see

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