ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum + Mop

Signs you are officially a grown up!? You’re obsessed with your new cordless vacuum and even think it’s cute! After being sick and tired of Hudson’s fur taking over my life, I had my assistant look up cordless vacuums that were affordable but that still had great reviews. She came across the ILIFE vacuums, however, they were all so plain so I was not sold, that was until she found a super cute gold version, instantly sold ????????

Not only did this get great reviews, it was under $200, has a water tank for mopping hardwood floors, can be set to start whatever time you want, recharges itself and is made for fur, debris, dust and more! Seriously, the best thing I have purchased in a long time, I am super obsessed after just 40 minutes of using it tonight. This is just a super quick review because everyone was interested in learning more so stay tuned for a long-term review after I use it more!

Where To Order-

Pictured here is the Rose Gold which retails for $229, but I got the gold one on Amazon because it was $189 and had FREE Prime shipping. To view the gold click here!

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