How To Rock a Clean Statement Lip

Happy Sunday bunnies! After posting this photo a lot of you asked me to break down the details in a new blog so, your wish is my command! I wore this look last week to attend the Shop Indie event and loved how bold the lip turned out. I really did not love my outfit, it felt a tad boring so my solution to every so-so outfit is always a statement lip. Not only does it totally transform the look, but it’s also really such an easy thing that just about anyone can do. So, next time you are not loving your outfit, opt for a bold lip for a fun change! Also, if you notice, I really keep my makeup the same and simply tweak a few things here and there which means you really will get a ton of use from the items below.

MOTD Details-

Face Lotion- Fitglow Vita Rich Cream
Concealer- Hynt in Medium
Foundation- Crunchi Natural 2.5
Powder- Set with Lily Lolo Flawless Silk
Bronzer- Lily Lolo Miami Beach
Highlight- Fitglow Beach Glow
Brows- Plume in Cinnamon Cashmere
Mascara- Fitglow
Liquid Liner- Zuzu Luxe
Lashes- Battington in Monroe

All of the above can be found from the Organic Bunny store and don’t forget all orders ship the same day with FREE 2-day shipping if over $125! XO

3 thoughts on “How To Rock a Clean Statement Lip

  1. Do you have eyelash extensions or is that only Fitglow mascara??

  2. I love the color of your turtleneck with your skin tone. Thank you for so much great info on this blog. Just found you on Instagram!

  3. Stunning! I absolutely love this look. I would love to try this look as well, but I am unfamiliar as to where to apply the contour, bronzer and highlight. Would it be possible for you to tell us who are still learning, where to apply these in more detail? Maybe you would even consider a diagram? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the time and investment you pour into all of us on your lovely sight. I am in the middle of switching both my makeup and skin routine and your site has been most helpful.

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