Even Gisele Skips Toxic Sunscreens

I love that more and more influential women like Gisele are speaking out about how toxic conventional sunscreens are. Back in 2011 Gisele publicly spoke out saying “I cannot put this poison on my skin, I do not use anything synthetic.” Her tips for safer sun protection? She avoids the sun during peak times and instead opts for heading outside earlier or later in the days.

So, what’s the deal with sunscreens? Well, most contain Oxybenzone, a hormone-disrupting chemical that can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream where it’s shown to attack DNA cells. Many even contribute this chemical to the rise of Melanoma, yes that’s right SUNSCREEN may cause cancers more than the actual sun! Oxybenzone also comes with links to breast cancer, eczema, allergic reactions and more. For the full article on chemical-based sunscreen risks, click here.

If you have to go out in the sun, here are some tips!

  1. Avoid peak hours, head outside earlier or later in your day.
  2. Wear a large hat, and loose clothing to protect your skin when outside.
  3. If you still need sunscreen, choose a safer brand like Raw Elements USA that is Organic, Non-Nano mineral based and super clean, they even have tinted ones to avoid white streaks! Code organicbunny saves $$ too!
  4. Re-apply your sunscreen after getting wet, sweating, or just after 2 hours or so of being outside. 1 application of sunscreen never equals all day protection.

These are such important tips, please share these with your friends before Summer hits!

2 thoughts on “Even Gisele Skips Toxic Sunscreens

  1. What is your recommendation for face moisturizers with SPF? I always opt for those products but have wondered how you’re supposed to re-apply when you build your make up on top of it?

    1. I always use a hat to cover my face in long-term sun exposure as there is really no way to add more SPF over makeup without ruining it… I use the Josh Rosebrook tinted SPF lotion and then the Jane Iredale BB Cream with SPF so it’s pretty protective, then just add a hat when it gets to be too much! Both are linked on my SHOP page with codes if you’d like to try!

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