Estancia La Jolla Day Spa Review

I am pretty obsessed with day spas, I feel like for what they cost, they’re totally worth it! Most treatments cost around $100, and with that usually comes the service and full use of the spa’s amenities which is why I love it because you can really make a full day of it! Get there a little early, hang out by the pool, order some food and drinks and then around 2pm start your actual treatment, ahhh the perfect day. Once you’re done with the treatment, you then get to play in the steam room or sauna and then shower with all of their cool products… so yeah, it’s safe to say spending the day at the spa is my favorite way to spend $100 bucks, especially when the treatments are Organic!

This weekend I was in the mood for a little pampering, and after hearing that one of my favorite hotel spa’s, Estancia La Jolla, was now offering a JAVA Coffee Infused Smoothing Treatment, you know I had to check it out. I first tried the JAVA line after receiving it from my Beauty Hero’s subscription box, and ever since I’ve been a huge fan of the all-natural line. To give you a better idea of how my day was spent at Estancia La Jolla, I will outline the day here for you! 

My boyfriend and I started the day by having breakfast at a local cafe and from there headed over to the Estancia hotel. If you have not been to this La Jolla property yet, you have to check it out! We frequently come here for staycations because it’s so relaxing and just minutes from the beach. Estancia La Jolla is definitely one of the top hotels here in San Diego, so, if you’re ever in need of a nice hotel, definitely check them out.

estancia la jolla spa review

Once we arrived, we headed right to the pool. The pool here is a good size, but seating does run out so get there early on weekends for a good seat. Not only do they have poolside service, they also have cool cabanas you can rent for special occasions. We settled in and ordered a cocktail, another snack and enjoyed the beautiful day poolside, watermelon margaritas? Yes please! Time quickly flew by and before you knew it, it was time for our treatments to begin.

estancia la jolla pool

estancia la jolla spa review

We checked into the spa, which is conveniently next to the pool, and were quickly checked in and sent off to the locker rooms to get changed into our robes. Because my boyfriend is so hairy and without cellulite, the smoothing treatment was not ideal for him so while I was scrubbed down, he got a massage instead. His massage was amazing, one of the best he’s ever had which made me happy because he can be a hard one to please. Anyway, enough about him and more about my treatment…

How the JAVA Coffee Infused Smoothing Treatment Works-

The entire point of this treatment is to reduce cellulite, tighten skin and improve discoloration from the problematic areas of our bodies, all while exfoliating your skin leaving it baby soft and brand new. Instead of applying the products to the entire body, instead, products are only applied to the problem areas you request. For me, I had her focus on my legs, butt, stomach and the back of my arms.

Step 1- The treatment begins by the esthetician applying warm water and the JAVA Coffee Bean and Raw Sugar Scrub to each area one by one.  This part felt soooo good, as she really gave each section a good scrub. Once my entire body was covered with the coffee scrub, she then wrapped me up like a burrito which really allowed the product to get to work in the heat. Body scrubs are so awesome for so many reasons, my favorite being to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Exfoliate
  • Restore elasticity
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Repair damage from sun spots
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost cell turnover
  • Brighten and soften skin
  • Smooth cellulite

Step 2- While the JAVA scrub saturated in she gave me the most relaxing scalp massage which was easily one of my favorite parts of the entire treatment. If you prefer not to have the scalp massaged you can do a foot massage instead, fab!

Step 3- Now that I was done with the scrub and scalp massage, she then had me hop into the shower (In the same treatment room) to rinse off the grinds. From there she had me lay back down on the table for Part II of the treatment.

Step 4- Part II of the treatment was a body massage using the JAVA Green Coffee infused Organic Argan Oil. This oil is so amazing for both hair and skin and, of course, felt amazing massaged in. She re went over all of the problem areas, massaging the oil into each part, this massage felt so great as it wasn’t too hard as some can be.

The treatment was pretty much over after the massage, however, I took advantage of the steam room which allowed the Organic products to further soak into my skin for the maximum results. I also enjoyed some fresh tea while soaking in their outdoor salt water jacuzzi which was so nice because it was a bit overcast out that day. I absolutely loved this spa and service, it was so unique and my skin was left so soft with not a single dead cell left on my body thanks to the scrub, the steam, and the salt water jacuzzi.

estancia day spa la jolla

This service is ideal for those that need a good exfoliation, for those who want to overall repair the condition of their skin, or for those who just want to mix their spa services up and try something new. Like most treatments, you will not see results in just one visit, besides having freshly exfoliated skin, so to see the full results of this process, plan on making a few trips to this spa.

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Overall, I had a great, relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday at the Estancia Spa and highly recommend spending your next day date there with either your loved one or a GF! If you would like to try the JAVA line out for yourself, at home, you can shop the entire collection a generous 25% off with code organicbunny here <SHOP>

To book any treatment at Estancia, give them a call at 844-591-8930

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  1. I had no idea that booking a treatment at a spa could come with so many perks! I definitely know what I’m doing for my next staycation! Now I just have a to find a decent spa in the NoAla area!


  2. Wow that sounds like an amazing spa treatment! I’ve tried out a coffee scrub that was in a Petit Vour box but haven’t gotten a spa version treatment of it. It sounds like there’s even more results. I’ll definitely be checking out Estancia next time I feel like treating myself to a spa day!

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