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As you know by now, I am a huge fan of the Daily Harvest, a plant-based food delivery company! Recently, they have added so many new items, I had to do an updated blog post on my faves as you guys ask me all of the time which are best to start with! If you are new to Daily Harvest, their concept is simple! They deliver healthy food options using only plant-based and 95% Organic ingredients making it super easy to get more fruits and veggies into your life each day! For me, someone who is insanely busy but tries to eat healthily but who also avoids dairy and gluten, their meals have been so time-saving and amazing to have ready to go! They also have included an awesome discount code: BUNNY40 to get $40 off your first box, so keep reading if this sounds like something your family or you could enjoy.

I started using Daily Harvest years ago but did you know, they now have over 90 options to choose from? From smoothies and plant-based ice cream to gluten-free flatbreads and soups, they really have such a diverse collection to choose from, making it super easy to have healthy meals, right to your door, ready to enjoy in minutes!

Daily Harvest Meals Are Always-

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • 95% Organic
  • Gum-Free
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Plant-Based
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Packed in 100% recyclable packaging. Their bowls and latte pods are 100% compostable while the rest of their packaging is transitioning to that as well!
  • Sustainably sourced from farm to your freezer!

How It Works-

Unlike other meal delivery options, their plans are super easy to adjust and manage! You can choose from 9, 14, or 24 options and then also choose how often you’d like it to arrive, weekly or monthly with the option to pause or cancel at anytime. Sometimes, we do have too many options in our freezer so we simply pause our plan to catch up. All of their options are super versatile so you can really order what sounds enticing and then add your flare to it based on your dietary preferences or favorite flavors! For example, we like to get their smoothies and then add a date for a little more sweetness. Sometimes I will also add different spices to their soups as well. Many people do not realize that their meals are the perfect base allowing you to customize them as you wish! Simply add the items you want to your cart, kick back and relax! They will arrive at your door, frozen, shortly!

Personal Faves-

Honestly, we have tried pretty much every item they make and I would say we really enjoyed almost each we tried however, some we do love a little more than the others so here are my top picks for where to start!

Smoothies- We love love love the Cherry + Almond and Carrot + Cinnamon smoothies so much! The Cherry Almond is so refreshing on a warm day and tastes like sweet cherries, juicy strawberries, creamy almond butter, and a splash of vanilla, YUM. I add one date to this and a splash more vanilla for perfection! The Carrot & Cinnamon is also a dream and a bit more decadent! Loaded with healthy fats like walnuts and chia seeds, this one tastes like a big slice of Carrot Cake! I love that their smoothies are packed with vitamins + omega-3s to ensure I am getting a well-rounded dose of nutrition each day. Honestly, it is really hard to pick faves because their Cold Brew + Almond, Pineapple + Matcha & Watermelon + Dragon Fruit are also some faves so I would suggest starting with any of these above! Plus, they are so easy to make, just add your liquid of choice and blend!

Harvest Bowls- These bowls are AWESOME! I cannot tell you how many nights I do not want to make dinner and pop into the freezer to grab one of these in relief. All I have to do is heat it up on the stovetop and it’s ready in minutes! These are so perfect because you can use them to create so many meals. Simply choose your favorite and turn it into a salad, plant-based tacos, a rice bowl or, just enjoy it alone. Our personal faves are for sure the Broccoli + Cheeze, Kale + Kalamata, Lentil + Tomato Bolognese, and the new Gigante Bean + Savory Cabbage! The new Gigante Bean bowl is so tasty, we love using this to make tacos, simply heat it up, add it to some cassava flour tortillas with some fresh lettuce, salsa, and guac and wow, thank me later!

Soups- Another meal we love to make is Vegan Ramen so their Mushroom + Miso soup is the perfect base! Made with immune-boosting mushrooms and butternut squash, we simply warm this up with some water or broth on the stovetop and add in our favorite gluten-free noodles to make this the yummiest ramen in town without all of the excess sodium!

Oat, Forager & Chia Bowls- For breakfast, I really love their oat, forager and chia bowls! Making oatmeal seems pretty easy until you want to add in various toppings so I very much enjoy that they take all of that work out of the picture. They have over 13 different AM bowls to choose from! My personal favorite oat bowl is the Apple + Cinnamon one as it is made with organic oats, brain-boosting organic walnuts, creamy almond butter, and organic chia seeds! I like to add an extra spoonful of almond butter to this one just to make it really tasty but it’s certainly still great on its own. You can have them warm by adding a liquid of your choice and heating on the stovetop, or you can make cold overnight oats!

Flatbreads- When they launched these flatbreads it was so heaven-sent as finding clean, gluten-free, plant-based pizza is next to impossible as you know! These have a super thin and healthy broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato crusts but then, they are loaded with tasty toppings like potassium-rich brussels sprouts and pickled bell peppers! This is such a great way to get a healthy meal in that both tastes satisfying yet nourishing for us. Our favorite flatbreads are the Tomatillo + Pepper and Tomato + Cremini! Made with an organic cauliflower crust, anti-inflammatory cremini mushrooms, fiber-rich asparagus, and flavorful organic black garlic… yum, time to pop one in the oven for lunch, and it’s ready in just 25 minutes!

Lattes- Yep, they even make pre-made coffee + matcha options, and let me tell you, they are BEYOND! We like to actually mix their Chaga + Chocolate with their Coffee + Almond pods to create the best, most tasty chocolate coffee iced latte of your dreams. Simply take 1 of each pod, blend with your favorite nut milk (or liquid of your choice) and pour over ice for a latte that is perfectly sweet and oh-so-satisfying! We also love their Matcha + Lemongrass, it’s so nice to just pop the pop into a blender, and boom, latte done! What is also awesome about their Matcha is that it contains MCT Oil to deliver a big energy boost without the crash.

Bites- Come snack time, well, yep they have that covered too! I actually love their bites as a quick snack or for a more healthy dessert option as you can enjoy them right out of the freezer! Their bites are macaroon-esque little bites that are packed with flavor and nutrition! My favorite flavor is actually the Coconut + Lemon which is funny as I am not really a big lemon person, however, these bites are so light and refreshing, I really love them! The coconut creates a tasty base while the cinnamon and fresh lemon zest deliver the fresh flavor!

Scoops- For those of you who are also big ice cream fans, you also know how hard it is to find plant-based, gum-free ice cream but Daily Harvest has done it! With 7 options to choose from, they have managed to create such tasty options and to date, this is the cleanest, best, plant-based and added-sugar free ice cream I have found! They have a Mint + Dark, Melty Cacao Chip option, and whoa. You have to try it! The crispest, coolest, creamiest treat you’ve always dreamed of. With organic peppermint, superfood spirulina, and decadent chocolate this treat is perfectly rich thanks to silky organic coconut cream and deliciously melty 100% dark chocolate chunks in every scoop. They also just came out with a Pistachio + Toasty Buttery Hazelnut Crunch and I would have to say, at the moment, that is my #1 fave! It tastes like real pistachios, none of that fake flavor you get with most types, with a pinch of salt and splash of roasted hazelnut bites, this stuff is a MUST try.

COUPON CODE: As you can see, I am a Daily Harvest super fan and have really tried it all and keep going back for more, how you know it’s good! Again, it’s so ideal for those of us super busy, in need of quick and easy meals that make getting our fruits and veggies in each day a breeze. For those of you who are interested in trying them out, you can get up to $40 OFF your first box with code ORGANICBUNNY! Simply click here and load up your cart to enjoy!

Thank you Daily Harvest for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

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