Clean Girl Makeup Tutorial

I recently joined TikTok, shocking, I know, however, it’s sort of been fun to join a whole new World and to see the types of content others not only seek but enjoy watching too! I started noticing this “clean girl makeup” trend, however, most of the products the girls were using were anything but clean, so, I figured, why not actually do a TRUE clean girl makeup look for those of us who want truly clean and natural products! Join me as we break down this look!

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How to Clean up Your Beauty Routine

For me, one of the hardest parts of starting a new healthy habit is, well… just that, starting. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming, and you can feel that small changes don’t matter, so why do them? Well, I am here to remind you that small changes DO matter and DO make a difference, as every toxic item we can remove from our life is a win, right!? When it comes to clean beauty, though, it’s hard to know which items will work for the majority of my customers so I did want to share a few of my tried and true faves I feel you will love too! Set a goal here, to swap out at least ONE of the items on this list and then, next time the budget allows, swap another! Next thing you know, your routine will be clean and green without any harmful toxins risking your health.

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Spring Get The Look

It’s not every day that Citrine Natural Beauty Bar has a {15% OFF} sale, so to celebrate this one-day-only flash sale today, I wanted to share with you some of my must-have items from her store! These are products I use every single day, so, if you are need of a new routine, here is what I would check out and what I am wearing in this photo. I also have a brand new YouTube on how to get this look you can view that here.

To save 15% off, enter in code BUNNY15 at checkout. If you missed the sale, ORGANICBUNNY will always save you 10% off in the future.

  1. Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream to prep my skin.
  2. RMS Uncoverup as a full coverage foundation and concealer in 22.
  3. Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation to contour cheeks, forehead, and chin in 135.
  4. RMS Tinted Un Powder to set the foundation in 2-3.
  5. Jane Iredale So-Bronze 3 for a rosy bronze blush.
  6. Eco Brow to fill in my brows in Penelope.
  7. Jane Iredale lip liner in Plum coated with Iced Mocha gloss.
  8. Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara.

Thanks to Karissa Bowers Photography for this sweet shot, if you are in need of pretty, bright and flawless photos for any occasion, shoot her an email, she is local in San Diego!

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Smokey Eye Essentials

Today’s Friday Favorite definitely goes to this Zuii Organic Black Diamond eyeshadow as it really is the very best black, non-toxic color I have come across so far. Because I love, love a smokey eye, I have gone through so many different natural black shadows but have never really been satisfied with any of them entirely besides this one.

I tried this color months ago and loved it, but after trying out several others since then, I can confidently say that this is my favorite. Not only does it apply heavily pigmented, it lasts all day and has yet to crease up on me. I also love using this shadow as a bottom eyeliner, simply use a thin brush to apply this to the lower lash and bam, you have yourself the perfect smokey eye.

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