Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanner Review

There is nothing I love more than a fresh sunless tan, which is why every time I come across a new one, I gotta try it out. I recently learned about Chocolate Sun, an organic sunless tanning line, so I did what I do best and ordered a few online to review for you all. Considering I am an avid sunless tanner, I can easily tell a good tan from a bad tan and do have pretty high standards when it comes to the perfect tan. It has to be the perfect glowy bronze color, it can’t smell much and it has to apply easily all while holding up at least a week.

So, how did the Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanner hold up? Check out my start to finish Chocolate Sun experience below.

How to Apply a Sunless Tanning Lotion-

Before I applied this sunless tanning lotion, I exfoliated my skin entirely with an exfoliating glove and my TASTYFACE Organics Tangerine Exfoliant. You always want to apply your tanning lotion on fresh, smooth skin. If you have any dry patches, make sure you exfoliate them all off prior to your tanning.

Once I had smooth, clean skin, I applied the Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow tanning lotion to one section of my body at a time to ensure even application. Start with your ankle and work your way up to your knee, rubbing the lotion in entirely. Once that section is done, move up to your knee to the thigh and so on, until your entire body is covered. I let the tan dry and then went to bed with it on me so it could really saturate. You definitely want to let this sit on your skin for a good 7-9 hours for the best results.

Make sure to wash your hands after you apply as your hands can turn out orange if you do not wash them. Once you rinse them off, then go back and apply a small amount to the top of your hand, then use a wet towel to wipe off your fingers after.

Does it Stain Sheets or Clothing?

This lotion went on clear like a lotion and even after developing, it did not appear on any of my clothing or bedding at all.

How Did it Smell?

The product itself smelled beyond amazing, definitely the best smelling sunless tanner I have ever come across in my entire life. It genuinely smelled like a delicious chocolate milkshake, seriously. I wanted to eat the entire container while applying it, and even hours later, the tan still smelled like chocolate cocoa butter.

When I woke up in the morning, the tan did have a slight sunless tanner smell, but, I have read they all will because of the DHA interacting with your skin. This one certainly was way less smelly than others, and the only way I could even smell it was to sniff my skin directly. I would say this had a 3/10 smell, whereas most others have a 10/10 smell. It is not odorless, but the smell is certainly bearable to me.

Did the Tan Turn Out Even?

My Chocolate Sun Sunless Tan actually did turn out very even, even around problem areas like ankles, elbows, hands, and feet. To ensure the tan was even after I applied the product, I added a small amount of my TASTYFACE lotion to the dry areas, to prevent more color developing in those areas. This really helped my hands and feet to not become an orange nightmare.

How Tan Did You Get?

I would say I am a fair-medium skin tone, and using the Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow Medium Tanning Cream was the perfect color for me. I woke up about 4-5 shades darker than the color I started with. The color looked pretty natural to me and was a nice amount of color for one application. I could use another coat if I wanted to be a bit darker which is nice that the tan is build-able. **UPDATE- My new go-to shade is Absolute Sun! It’s perfect!!

After one coat of Chocolate Sun, I suggest doing two.

Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanner Review

How Long Did It Last?

My tan lasted about 8 solid days, looking a bit faded in certain areas after day 9. This is much longer than most tanning lotions I have tried, let alone organic tans. Awesome hold!

How Did it Fade?

The tan faded really evenly, coming off gradually all over. There were no big chunks missing or majorly rubbed off areas as other tanning lotions can do.

Where Can I Buy it?

Chocolate Sun comes in a few different forms- A spray-on form and a lotion form. Both products worked well, the only difference would be the method of application you prefer. You can shop all of the Sunless Tanning products by Chocolate Sun here.