Aya Magic Natural Skincare Review

Another day, another fabulous skin care line to share with you all! Today’s featured brand is the amazing Aya Magic line, inspired by the skin care traditions of the Mediterranean, based on creating products from natural, cold-pressed, pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I had the privilege of trying this line out and I am excited to share a few of my favorite items with you all today. As always, I like starting my review with my favorite parts of the company, so, check out why I love this line the most!

Why I love Aya Magic-

  • 100% Natural products.
  • Free of parabens, synthetics, petrochemicals, fragrances, fillers, SLS, alcohol, silicones, phtalates, gluten and preservatives.
  • Products are made in small batches with an expiration date to ensure freshness & effectiveness.
  • They are cruelty-free, only tested on eager and willing human friends and family!

Now that you know why I was so eager to try the line out, we can now chat about some of my favorite items by Aya Magic.

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