nūdus Lipstick Swatches

nūdus Lipstick Swatches

One of my all time favorite Organic lipstick brands is nūdus, so now that I have a fabulous intern to help me with swatches, I figured why not show you my nūdus collection swatched!? For those of you not familiar with the brand, here are a few reasons why they’re one of my faves!

Reasons to Love nūdus Lipsticks-

  • nūdus lipsticks are handcrafted in Australia.
  • All colors are made with Certified Organic ingredients.
  • The beautiful colors are made from Organic flowers, fruits & oils!
  • NO FD&C colorants are ever used making this one of the cleanest lines around.
  • nūdus is certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) which have some of the highest standards in the World today.
  • Always free of Cruelty, GMOs, Petro-chemicals, Coal Tar Dye + Gluten.

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Jane Iredale Lip Liner Swatches

Jane Iredale Lip Liner Swatches

I finally did swatches of my Jane Iredale lip liner collection! I also have the Plum and Spice colors, but could not locate them at the time of this pic, probably lost in a purse somewhere because I use those two a lot! These are pretty much the only liners I use as they are so smooth and soft when applying, super long-lasting, and can be worn alone to create a more matte lipstick effect! These truly are THE best I’ve tried. And, until Sunday, these are 15% OFF at Citrine Beauty Bar, which only happens twice a year for affiliates, so now’s the time to shop if you’ve been wanting to, code: JANE15 Continue Reading


Jane Iredale 15% OFF Sale!

Jane Iredale Sale

Jane Iredale only has a 15% OFF affiliate sale, twice a year, so I figured I would share some of my most favorite items with you all in case you wanted to do a serious stock up during this sale! For those that just want the details of this look in the photo above, head here, for my favorites, continue on below!

Jane Iredale MUST haves-

  • Lip Liners– So soft, long lasting and I love all the pretty earth-toned colors.
  • Lip Glosses– Seriously the best in the green beauty game, smooth, not sticky & last forever.
  • Shadows– Jane makes the best neutral palates with pigment that’s bold and long lasting.
  • Glow Time Mineral BB Cream– This is a fave for full coverage foundation plus it includes SPF, score!
  • Makeup Setting Spray– This one is so refreshing and keeps makeup put all day.
  • Lip Fixation Stains– These last for-ev-er! Kissproof even.
  • Bronzer/Highlighters– Love the new striped ones, such pretty colors for Summer!
  • Black Liners– Love both the liquid & the Jelly Jar!
  • Circle Delete– Oh my gosh, so amazing at color correcting!
  • Lip Crayons– Just like the liners but a bit softer and fatter so you can apply like a lipstick! My faves are Luscious, Naughty & Hot!

Coupon Code-

Really, you can’t go wrong with Jane, I really do love the entire line! Not sure what items to grab still? Leave a comment or shoot me a message now! To shop 15% OFF, head to Citrine Natural Beauty Bar now, where code JANE15 will be active until Sunday! <SHOP>

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Best Organic Sugaring in San Diego

Best Organic Sugaring San Diego

I don’t know where I have been living, but I am just now discovering Sugaring?! Sugaring is nothing new, as this has been how many removed unwanted hair, even the Egyptians way back when. Basically, in simple terms, Sugaring is a way to remove face and body hair, similar, but much safer than, waxing! By heating up just Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice & Water, a sticky, honey, putty-like paste is formed, that is then applied straight to the skin, wherever you’d like to remove the hair. This method of hair removal is much safer because it’s far less damaging to the skin, doesn’t involve super hot wax on your skin, still performs the exact same way waxing does and it’s so natural, you can literally eat it!

I have never waxed or done any serious hair removal before so, this was a whole new experience for me! I was super nervous, scared it would hurt and unsure what the results would be, however, I left pleasantly surprised and super happy with my super soft, hairless new skin! Because I try and only use Organic beauty products, finding an Organic Sugaring studio was really important to me! I found Cleo Sugaring in La Jolla which turns out to be the only place in San Diego that is truly entirely Organic, sign me up!

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Beauty Heroes ✘ Modern Minerals June Box

Beauty Heroes Review

As you may or may not know, I have been a Beauty Heroes ambassador/affiliate for a while now, I just never seem to be able to post about the boxes in time before they sell out, oops! Because the June month was super amazing, I just had to squeeze a quick blog post up on the details of it so anyone interested can still grab it in time!

While Beauty Heros is not the same as my subscription box, it is still a pre-paid box so I understand if you can’t afford to do them all! Because it’s a slightly lower price point, though, $38 dollars or less a box, I wanted to share this as a possible option for anyone interested! Continue Reading


Jane Iredale Cat Eye & Nude Lip

Jane Iredale makeup

As you know, I’m currently in Phoenix hanging out at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar for another Girls Night Out event, having way too much fun utilizing Stephanie’s professional makeup artist skills! Many of you asked the details of this look I shared on Snapchat, so, here they are!

To shop any of these items below, code organicbunny saves you here, for full details, continue to the next page! Continue Reading

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Cantaloupe Mint Organic THAO Tea

Cantaloupe Mint Organic THAO Tea

My favorite Summer tea is this THOA Tea Co. in Cantaloupe Mint 🍈🍃 I love making it into Iced Tea, it’s so refreshing on a warm day!

To make this into iced tea, simply brew this fresh and then let it sit out to reach room temperature, then place it in the fridge where it becomes chilled Iced Tea! This is also some of the cleanest tea around as it is loose leaf, to avoid toxic tea bags and it’s made with nothing but Organic, Fair-Trade Green Tea, Sunflower Petals, Peppermint, Chrysanthemum Flowers and actual Cantaloupe Fruit as the extract! You can either get their non-toxic tea bags to brew this, or use it in your favorite glass press! 🌼

THAO Tea has been my favorite since last year, some of you may remember it being in my very first Organic Bunny Box! Love tea and want to try this out? Code organicbunny saves you at checkout now! <SHOP>

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Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

Whenever your favorite brand comes out with a new product, it always feels like Christmas Day! As you all know by now, I am a huge fan of the Kypris skin care line, not only because of it’s squeaky clean perfection, but more so because of the genuine effort that goes into each of the items, that really is rare so I appreciate it! There are no quick shortcuts or thoughtless launches, everything Kypris does is well thought out and given 100%. This really is one of the most luxurious, good-for-you-and-your-skin lines on the green beauty market so this post is for those that really want the very best for their skin and overall health.

When I first heard that they were releasing a new Cleanser Concentrate, I was so excited. After suffering from dermatitis and not knowing the culprit, finding a really gentle cleanser was important to me. At first, I was bummed that this cleanser did not remove makeup because I prefer my cleansers to do it all, however, I learned that most cleansers that remove makeup are too harsh to be using on your full face each day and really, we should only be using a cleansing oil to remove makeup, following up with a gentle cleanser like this one from Kypris. So yes, it is a bit more work but for those wanting their skin in tip-top shape, like I do, it’s worth the work.  Continue Reading

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FREE Gift With Purchase & 40% OFF From 100% Pure


Take 40% OFF select 100% Pure items and get a FREE 6-piece gift with purchase, for my followers only, as this deal does not go live for anyone else until Thursday! I got these two lipglosses in the colors Naked + Cocoa Berry for just $24 when they are regularly $19 each and you’ll get a FREE 6-Piece gift if you spend $65 or more, which means somebody is going to snag a serious deal! To shop this sale, you have to click each link to activate the deal, grab these items now before they go live to everyone else or run out!

  1. To claim the FREE 6-Piece Gift With Purchase, click here.
  2. To get 40% OFF select items, click here, enter theorganicbunny at checkout.

That’s it! It’s a little confusing but you should be able to grab select items 40% off and get the FREE gift if you spend over $65, shoot me a comment or email if you have any issues as I do not want anyone to miss out on this super awesome deal! xo


MAC “Faux” Safer Swaps

organic lipstick

My all-time favorite lipstick used to be MAC’s Faux, so for anyone who loved that color also, but wanted a safer swap, here are some similar colors! I find that if I add Gabriel Cosmetic’s Taupe color with the Lauren Brooke Peluche, it’s pretty much identical but I’m still looking for one lipstick that is the perfect match. Have one to suggest? Comment below! In the meantime, here are some colors that are similar for anyone else who loves a taupe mauve color like I do! Continue Reading