Animal Essentials SeaDent


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Without proper dental care, tartar builds on your dog’s teeth which can cause bad breath and other issues! Animal Essentials SeaDent oral supplement helps to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Unlike other oral products with kelp as their sole ingredient, SeaDent for Dogs is fortified with five well-researched plant enzymes that have been proven to fight plaque and bacteria in the mouth. A key enzyme is Lysozyme, a naturally occurring enzyme that plays a vital role in maintaining dental health and tartar control for dogs. SeaDent attacks plaque-forming bacteria in multiple ways: by the systemic activities of the kelp and by introducing digestive and antibacterial enzymes that begin working to help remove plaque immediately upon entering the mouth. These enzymes break down food particles trapped between the teeth and under the gum lines.

To Use- Sprinkle recommended amount onto food.

Size- 70 gram / 2.47 ounce jar with scoop


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