Widu Wooden Pet Brush in Small Size and Long Coat


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This Widu Professional carder allows you to card the hair of your four-legged friend, giving him a coat free of knots and impurities. The bristles have a curved shape specially designed to gently penetrate deep into the coat without damaging or irritating your skin. The carder is made of high-quality material. Ash wood, reinforced natural rubber and galvanized teeth have been designed to be resistant both to time and to washing.

Style- Small Size Dog or Cat with a Long Coat

Please note: Notice a missing pin? This is intentional! Tek designed their brushes with one pin strategically missing, allowing for air to flow properly through the rubber cushion. This allows for better brushing and is not a product defect!

Widu products are Made in Italy and are Vegan OK and 100% FSC certified.


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