Vénera 100% Silk Scrunchies 3 Pack in Pink, Black + Beige


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Ready for a hair scrunchie that leaves no marks behind? Vénera silk hair scrunchies are made of 100% real natural pure silk, and protect against hair damage with their smooth surfaces. The 6A grade, premium quality, means it will be gentle on your hair, durable, and soft. These silk fibers contain 100% amino acids which help reduce hair damage, such as split ends, and the silk proteins naturally hydrate your hair and help to repair it.

Color- Pink, Black + Beige

Care- Dry cleaning or handwashing are the best methods. You can also use machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. Use a mesh wash bag when doing so. Lay flat to dry.

Size- 3 pack

100% Pure Mulberry Silk


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