tuuli Wooden Cellulite Roller Massager in Curved


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Are you ready to upgrade your massages? Take a look at this revitalizing curved wooden roller tool from tuuli. Eliminate stubborn fat deposits and dimpled, orange-peel-like skin naturally with wood therapy! This roller is designed to massage your muscles evenly, specifically the waist and thigh area.


  • Improves Skin Texture – The wooden massage roller helps you fight unpleasant fat pads and removes the unattractive orange skin. It helps improve blood circulation, shapes muscles, and smooths skin. With daily relaxation for minutes, the wooden massage roller made of natural beech wood is enough for perfect therapy and good condition.
  • Lymphatic Drainage – The massage aid is used in maderotherapy (Madero – wood) the completely natural and special technique in which lymphatic drainage is stimulated and cellulite is better eliminated as a result, while at the same time breaking the fat cells, improving blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body. As a result, the body is better supplied with oxygen and other nutrients that the skin needs to stay firm and firmly.
  • Made of Natural Wood – The outstanding long-lasting strength of natural beech wood makes this easy-to-use roller a cut above the rest. Each stroke feels so good and won’t scratch your skin, making this handheld massager a must for maderotherapy.
  • Finely Crafted Self-Care Essential – Give yourself a relaxing massage any time with this portable massager. Regarded as popular self-care gift, it helps deliver physically soothing benefits in the morning, at night, or whenever needed.

Care- Lightly spray with a water-based disinfectant. Wipe with a clean and dry cloth. Leave it out to dry. Do not submerge.

Size- 40 cm


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